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Cambrian Letters to the Editor June 5

Glass vacation houses

As a 25-year resident of Cambria, I have utilized the convenient resource of vacation rentals to accommodate my friends and extended family. During this time, I have lived in three different neighborhoods and have found that vacation rentals are the best neighbor one could hope for. The homes are well maintained, the property owners have a vested interest in the neighborhood and, if by some chance a problem should arise, there is a local resource, i.e., property manager, one can contact.

Ms. Elaine Horn’s statement (“Coming to Cambria: As time goes by,” May 29) that vacation rentals are a “racket” I find ironic, since upon her arrival, she has been living in one. Without this valuable resource, Ms. Horn and her multiple pets would have found it virtually impossible to locate a last-minute accommodation in our community. Apparently Ms. Horn has decided to join the CAVE (Cambrians Against Virtually Everything) people contingent.

Leslie Richards


Lassie-like dog

One Sunday morning not long ago, I took my dog Molly for a walk around our neighborhood on Happy Hill in Cambria. Molly and I travel the same neighborhood path for our morning walks.

On our return trip, Molly refused to walk with me on Weymouth Avenue back to our home. Puzzled by her response, but respecting her decision, I crossed over the Ashby and reached our street of Sunbury.

Molly has been trained to walk on the leash without pulling. However, she began to strongly pull me toward our house and wanted both of us directly inside.

Immediately following a loud warning-type siren sounded. We had no electricity and I checked the back forest for a possible fire. Soon, entering the house again, I found Molly barking loudly at the front window. Much to my amazement, many power lines strewn across our driveway and on the street in front of our house.

Within minutes, fire engines arrived from the Cayucos Fire Department with Chief Mike Minetti (they had been called to backup Cambria units that were busy with another call). The chief and the entire crew expressed the explanation, of a fallen tree at the end of Weymouth (the street Molly refused to travel) and the result was live wires disconnected and on the street. The Cayucos fire crew helped us retrieve our car from our locked garage and made every effort to guarantee our safety.

I am so thankful to the Cayucos Fire Chief and his crew for their professional, compassionate approach to what was a very dangerous situation. In addition, I need to publically thank my dog Molly for her unbelievable sense that very possibly saved my life. Please listen and observe the reaction of your pet and respect their ability to determine danger, which is beyond the detection of humans.

Linda Muzinich


Adopt a cat for $9

Cambria’s Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) has special adoption rates throughout the month of June! Adoptions of cats nine months and older will be just $9. All cats are spayed or neutered and have up-to-date vaccinations.

Each adoption includes a FREE follow-up vet exam, a FREE carrier and a FREE bag of kibble. Don’t miss this great chance to find that special “love of your life.”

Please come visit HART at 2638 Main St., Cambria. We are open noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

For more information, call us at 927-7377.

Bonnie Ahlstrom


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