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Cambrian Letters to the Editor May 29

A couch sprawls in Fern Creek.
A couch sprawls in Fern Creek. Courtesy photo

We want to know

It is requested that the Cambria Community Services District director write a weekly water status update article, and that this article be printed weekly in The Cambrian.

This weekly water status update article will benefit the community and the CCSD.

It is suggested that the weekly article address (at least): The status of the present water supply and the status of future potential water sources.

Mark Stuczynski


Editor’s note: The Cambrian agrees timely information about the water supply situation is needed during the current crisis, and tries to keep readers posted on developments as they occur, both in print and online at The most recent well levels appear weekly on Page 13. The district posts information on its website at

25 gallons/day for two

Regarding our March-April water-sewer bill: We used two of the eight units available to us. What happened to the water that we saved?

We went to as parsimonious a mode as we could figure out. We washed all dishes by hand and then carried the dirty dish water in buckets to store in larger buckets in the upstairs bathroom. These we used to flush the toilet when needed (Editor’s note: By dumping it in the toilet bowl, which makes it flush; some people, we’ve heard, have tried to add it to the tank at the back).

We cut our showers down to once a week with wash-ups in the sink in between. We also used the dirty dish water to water a few plants outside.

We only used the washing machine when we had full loads. We saved the shaving water and teeth brushing water for the same toilet and plant functions.

We also used paper plates and plastic forks about half of the time.

This has been an unpleasant and somewhat stinky procedure. Both of our backs hurt from hauling all of the water. We are both 72 years old.

We felt we should do all of this for the sake of the community. We would both like to know, however, are our efforts doing any good? How much of our "saved water" is actually saved and how much went out to sea via the aquifer and how much is still retained in the aquifer?

I do not understand how it is that there seems to be no system for banking the water saved.

Lee Bailey


Flyer distorts truth

In politics one assumes that there will be accusations made that are a tad less than truthful and then spun into something looking sinister. With that being said, the recent slick flyer from Bruce Gibson’s opponent was way, way over the top.

Why? Because it stated that people who wish to speak at the Board of Supervisors’ meetings are only allowed two minutes. After checking with county officials to make certain that things had not changed since I left, when one appears before the Board of Supervisors it is only on the very rare occasion that one is denied the full three minutes the State of California Brown Act calls for. 

Usually what happens when there is a crowded room with people standing outside, is a suggestion Mike Ryan, 5th District Supervisor (retired) made years ago. And that is the people are given a choice. If they can make their statement in one minute, and agree to that, they get to go first. When there are no more one-minute speakers, then people who need two minutes, and agree to that, get to speak. Finally, those who need the full three minutes speak last.

Over time, board chairmen (or women) have found that this system works very well and is received well by those wishing to speak. And it is all voluntary.

To infer that if elected, this candidate will make sure people get what the Brown Act has already given them is twisting the truth way too far.

Shirley Bianchi


Editor’s note: Shirley Bianchi is a former county supervisor.

Dan Dow is a leader

I feel compelled to respond to Kirk Wilson’s Viewpoint article (The Cambrian, May 22) regarding the contest for district attorney. Mr. Wilson’s list of leadership traits and experience qualifications fit Dan Dow perfectly.

Dan Dow has prosecuted hundreds of the most complex criminal cases handled by the DAs office, including felony sex crimes involving victims who are children. His courtroom and leadership skills have earned him the support of nearly all the deputy DAs. His competence and leadership traits have earned him the rank of major in the Army National Guard JAG Corps. 

The best insight into Dan Dow’s qualifications to lead the DAs office into the future comes from Dan Hilford, who served for 40 years in the DA’s office, 32 of them as the assistant DA.

Dan Hilford supervised both Dan Dow and his opponent. Dan Hilford is supporting Dan Dow for DA because of his unquestionable ethics and integrity and leadership skills. Rather than demean and denigrate his co-workers, as his opponent has, Dan Dow recognizes their skills as hardworking professionals dedicated to making San Luis Obispo County a safe place to live, work and raise families. 

For all these reasons, I’m supporting Dan Dow for District Attorney. 

Greg Sanders


Free speech stifled

Regarding the IRANIAN type of tactics used because TED NUGENT verbally expressed his personal opinion of the POTUS, the bleeding heart LIBERALS decided to cancel his concert.

How trite! Freedom of speech is again used against a U.S. citizen. ABE LINCOLN wrote that our country would be ruined from within. It is happening now.

David Manion


Standing by letter

It seems I have upset some people in Cambria with my letter asking people to obey the law by 

driving the speed limit. Kathe Tanner devoted her entire column in the May 8 Tribune to a scathing review, and Fred Leahy and Lorienne Schwenk agreed with her. 

How nice that the people in Cambria have time to lollygag. I also like to go slow when I am driving the beautiful byways of Cambria, but when I am on Highway 1, I drive the speed limit. In SLO, things move at a slightly faster pace. I do not advocate people tearing down the road at 75 mph, and of course there are reasons for driving slow (looking for an address, hauling a wedding cake), but driving slower than the speed limit with no way to pass is rude and inconsiderate of fellow drivers when you are on a major artery of traffic.

I stand by my letter that driving the speed limit avoids traffic jams, helps the flow of traffic and prevents road rage. Does anyone agree with me?

Myra Strunk

Los Osos

‘Mad as hell’

We just drove down our beautiful Fern Canyon only to find this couch and its cushions dumped in the outlet of Fern Creek. Our Cambrian neighbors volunteer to clean up and keep trails open for those of us who walk this beautiful trail on our walks.

We cannot believe anyone would disrespect our forests like this careless, thoughtless individual. We’re mad as hell. 

Alan & Theresa Desmond


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