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It’s all about the readers

Bert Etling
Bert Etling

Editor’s note: The following are remarks prepared for presentation of a General Excellence award to The Cambrian at the California Newspaper Publishers Association convention on Saturday, May 3, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in San Jose. Read the story »

Cambria is a small town. The Cambrian is a small paper. It works because of one big idea: Quality information makes lives better.

It’s easier to get your arms around a small town. It’s also easier for the town to get its arms around you.

We see people in person, not just in print.

We hold government accountable. Readers hold us accountable.

We love what we do: gathering, sorting, organizing, vetting, curating and — what’s the word? — editing our report to create an information space where the community’s civic, cultural and economic spheres can come together.

I’d like to thank the other half of The Cambrian newsroom, Kathe Tanner, who loves the community and loves reporting on it, which is what every community journalist must do to be successful.

Thanks to our freelance writers. We couldn’t put out the paper we do without their contribution.

Thanks to our sister paper, the San Luis Obispo Tribune, and its editor, Sandra Duerr.

Thanks to the publisher of The Cambrian and The Tribune, Bruce Ray.

Thanks to our parent company, McClatchy.

And thanks to our readers, The Cambrian’s audience. That’s where we measure our success.

Getting to make a living finding and sharing truth is a privilege and honor, and it’s an honor and pleasure to be here today.

Thank you.