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The tale of Thom, rescued by HART angels

Thom the cat after he was picked up by HART.
Thom the cat after he was picked up by HART. Courtesy photos
“I am Thom. I am not the most stylish of cats, but I have a deep inner beauty. A long time ago I was found by Virginia at Lily’s Coffee House. They say I was crying and yowling. I only remember being very scared, hungry, and lonely.

“Virginia started saving my life when she called Cindee, a nearby angel with the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART). Cindee and another angel, Diane, brought me food and made me feel safe. They then took me to the hospital where they fixed as best they could what was wrong.

“I am now living at HART, hoping someone will notice me when they come in to visit. I must confess I do talk a lot, but only because I like all kinds of people and their touch. I spend my day with my cat buddies here at HART in this really neat porch where we sit and soak in the warmth of the sun. Truth be told, I will never be 100 percent again and I may be moving on to a different world soon, but because of all the help of angels I have received, I am contented, safe and I feel very loved.

“When you drop by HART, please spend a moment with me.”

— Thom

Thom is an example of the extra care that is provided for unusual “special needs” cats by HART’s Guardian Angels program. We invite you to come and visit us, talk with the cats, check out the store and see how well we are doing in our new home at 2638 Main St. Call 927-7377 for details.

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