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Uncertainty gives way to the bright light of promise

­The sun rises over the Santa Lucia Range. The solstice has passed, and we are finally coming back into the light.
­The sun rises over the Santa Lucia Range. The solstice has passed, and we are finally coming back into the light. Special to The Cambrian

ARRRRGGGGH! First, why is there an “H” at the end of that word and, secondly, HOW CAN IT ALREADY BE 2014?!

If the first question is the deepest thing I must ponder this month, I will be truly blessed. The second one begs me to remember that there will always just be things we cannot control or change. Deep, I know.

These last few months have been the quietest work-wise I can ever recall, so I have had much more time to contemplate life. Also, this was the first Christmas that neither of my boys was home. It’s just a day, right? And Love of My Life’s girls are all on the other side of the country, even farther away than my kids.

“For who knows where the time goes ” sang Sandy Denny of Fairport Convention. Love that song. Perfect for the winter, full of melancholy and reflection. But, alas, the solstice has passed and we are finally coming back into the light.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal, after all, to seek the light? Whatever that term may represent to you — longer sunny days, spirit, that “white glow at the end of the tunnel,” the light of your life — there is a flame we all long for, are drawn toward, a primordial moth instinct we must listen to. How does one hear it, see it, feel it?

Sit up straight (my mother’s wise nagging kicking in). Breathe. Shoulders back and down. Breathe. Allow feelings to be felt but don’t anchor them to your soul and let them weigh you down, keep you from floating forward down that river of life.

Reflect. Positively. Remember you are not alone. Loss and change happen, and very often it sucks, but it can also lead to growth. However, the more we fight and resist what happens to us, the more turbulent the water becomes, the more we take on water.

Sometimes the choices we face are difficult ones or it may appear you “have no choice other than ,” but you can always choose to accept what has come into your life with peace in your heart or make the difficult decisions to change what needs to be changed. Or make yourself sick with worry. You are, after all, what you feel.

This is not to say one should not feel so sad, so angry, so confused. Find the useful lesson. Choose not to judge what happens to you. Embrace it for what it represents in the most absolute sense of time — the here and now, this moment. Some of us seem to be hit with more than anyone should ever be asked to be burdened with: the loss of a child, your imminent early demise, natural disaster. Some situations you can change, others you cannot. You likely will never know the reason something has happened to you. Seek the light.

Try listing all the good or bad lessons that have come from the GOOD OR BAD situations you have faced. Get to know your true self, now, who you really are beneath the trappings of material goods and other human connections, what your soul looks like, caress the silk lining of your ego and notice how rich it truly is.

Knowing that is accepting, and acceptance is key to success in your life. And when those longer days are upon us, how much more brightly they’ll shine! My days are already quite bright knowing you have bothered reading this to the end. Thank you!