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Dig deep, let go, break out, give yourself — and thanks

Lady Tie Di explores rooms in the ruins at Chaco Canyon.
Lady Tie Di explores rooms in the ruins at Chaco Canyon.

In this age of instant gratification, distrust, extreme closed-mindedness, anger, grand-scale-cons and downright preferred ignorance, I believe there is hope. Whether you have children or not, whether or not you choose to realize your impact on the future, if you’ve had a bad day, disagree with everything somebody or a particular entity does or says, there is still hope, I do believe. If you want it.

It starts within. Deep within. Us all. Some people call it focus. I’ve called it that, as well as “honesty.” I choose to believe that we all do, up to any given moment in time, the best we can with what we’ve learned or were given. But, what if we choose more?

I’m not talking more “stuff.” I’m not talking about more “control.” I’m not talking about “others seeing the errors of their ways and making the change that I-I-I think they should make.” Or any external “gift.”

It’s about finding out about more of what’s inside of you. “Ask not what your country can do for you” applies to every level of life.

I think many people would agree that TIME is one of the greatest gifts we can give. If you don’t, think about that, please. However, nobody is going to want time if it’s not going to benefit them in some way. I mean, think about it.

When you were in need of a shoulder to cry on, how did you feel about someone who came over and then had only their own troubles to talk about? An employee, a public servant, a spouse, a child, cannot benefit from the attitude that “my way is the only way,” “I’m telling you this so you’ll know what I-I-I want so YOU’LL change,” and so on.

And what about the time you give yourself? How on earth are you to find time to be honest with yourself, focus on your inner voice? Are you perpetually running the same tape of an argument you just had, the bills and woes stacked on your desk, the special-needs child — “what if ”?

Granted, it is a long and hard road to utopia but start within yourself. Step outside yourself and listen to what you’re saying. Watch how you are moving. Tune into what your body is trying to tell you. Sometimes, there may be those around you speaking or reacting in ways that anger or frustrate you. Have you ever thought perhaps they’re mirroring you?

Break the angry, overburdened, stressed out loop we so often find ourselves tied up in. Not just this season, but every day, every day, every day, give someone, give yourself, the gift of silence. Do something unexpected. Get out of your comfort zone and agree with someone for once. Say “yes” instead of “no” — or vice versa.

Let someone find out on their own. Tell someone something new, or nice, or secret — make yourself vulnerable. Trust. What’s the worse that can happen? Apologize. Forgive. Love.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you have many thanks to give, big and small, and never stop giving it every day.