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Cambrian Letters to the Editor Nov. 21

Lots you can do

Add me to the list of Cambrians who are concerned with the Cambria Community Services Districts decision to issue intent-to-serve letters. I moved here specifically because of the pine/ocean combination and the no-growth status. Now, I feel a total victim of the CCSD’s decision.

Yet I realized the other day that neither I nor any other landowner who have true concerns about Cambria’s future need feel helpless. We CAN do something to offset the recent irresponsible leadership. Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is a grand example. But saving smaller parcels also counts and adds up — as we all learned when we were children, saving pennies soon saved a dollar.

Let’s say you’re a homeowner and your house sits on several independent lots. These lots have several APNs (assessor’s parcel numbers) but for one reason or another you’ve never bothered to have them rolled into one. Make a statement and do it now. One APN would prevent your lots from ever being sold individually for development, and putting a conservation easement on it overseen by Greenspace would prevent it from ever being built upon.

Confused how to do this? The county assessor can walk a homeowner through the APN process. It is FREE. And Greenspace can explain conservation easements.

Or, let’s say the open lot next door to yours is for sale. Buy that neighboring lot and merge that APN into yours. Some lots, these days, are relatively inexpensive. Many go for less than $10,000. Besides helping Cambria preserve its open space, any real estate professional will tell you that wooded open space around your home will actually enhance its salability.

Buyers prefer large lots for privacy and for full-grown trees that give shade. Fenceless property allows free flow of native animals such as deer and turkeys that make Cambria so unique.

Or, if you have the extra funds, want to keep Cambria green, and there is no empty lot next door, consider buying one of the several other lots currently on the market.

Greenspace has a master plan of corridors and open space. Donate your lot to Greenspace as an extension of these corridors or as a pocket park. (Examples of pocket parks can be viewed on the website A small restricted fund will allow the conservation organization to maintain the trees and open space in perpetuity.

Or, if you want to save land and don’t want the bother of having to buy it, etc. Greenspace is constantly looking for contributions to its acquisition fund that it uses to purchase important property when it comes available. The organization accepts cash, stocks, non-Cambria real estate, and other real property. Your gift will be stretched by grants and matching funds and just might just swing the deal.

The possibilities for saving Cambria’s trees, wildlife and ambiance are not endless but certainly numerous enough to match individual tastes and pocketbooks. And, before anyone says the writer should take her own advice, I can only respond that I have already stepped up to the plate.

Don’t let a thoughtless government agency ruin our beautiful town.

Nancy Moure


Could use a lift

Many aging and injured veterans need health care. These veterans have earned health care benefits through the Veterans Administration as part of the “contract” they entered when they signed up to serve their country. However, many cannot drive or afford the cost of getting to the clinic so they can’t access the benefits.

The Veterans Express Shuttle in association with Ride On provides transportation to all veterans in San Luis Obispo County to the VA clinic in Santa Maria, as well as taking veterans to Santa Maria to catch the bus that takes them to the VA hospitals in Los Angeles and San Fernando. The transportation for the veterans is free of charge.

This vital door-to-door service, funded solely by donations, makes an average of 180 trips per month. The budget and cost for operating is about $60,000 per year. In order to continue to transport veterans needing health care, Veterans Express must raise these funds and needs your help.

Executive Director Greg Shearer, a veteran, has run this operation for six years. Greg has done all the work and collected the donations to keep the service for the veterans going. Several members of Cambria American Legion Post No. 432 and the Cambria community have become involved and are helping raise funds to operate Veterans Express Shuttle in 2014.

Many veteran members of the Cambria community rely upon the service to access health care, so we must prepare for 2014 and raise enough donations to keep the vans in operation and take care of our veterans needs at the various VA facilities.

Our veterans have defended our country and now need this help and this service. We are reminded that “freedom is not free.” Our veterans have served our country and now it is time to serve our veterans.

If you would like to make a donation to help our veterans you may make checks payable to Ride-On (indicate “Vets Express/Thank a vet” on the memo line) and mail to: Attn: Karina Tiwana, Past Commander, Legion Post No. 432, P.O. Box 697, Cambria CA 93428.

For more information or to make a donation online: http://www.ride-on .org/community_services .phtml?TYPE=veterans_shuttle or www.legion

Thank you for any donation you can make.

Mel McColloch

American Legion Post No. 432

Footballers need hand

The Cambria boys under-12 soccer all-stars need your help.

This past soccer season for the Under 12 Boys Soccer Team of Cambria was extremely successful. The team record was 10-2-0 and had the best record in the league (Morro Bay, Cambria, Los Osos, and Templeton). The team also took second place in the End-Of-The-Season Tournament. The team scored 63 goals to its opponents 19. Comments from other coaches mentioned that they have never seen this age group of players play at the advanced level that they did.

From that team, and with the addition of two additional players, an All-Star team was formed. The selected players for the All-Star Team are: Christian Aguilar; Salvador Aguilar; Ivan Arellano; Fabian Garcia; Juan Garcia; Cesar Hernandez; Damien Hernandez; Steven Medina; Rigo Mejia; Andrew Mendoza; Julian Mercado; John Mettier; Emmanuel Plancia; Eder Ramirez; and, Jose Renteria. Coaches for the team are Jack Mettier (yours truly) and Andres Garcia.

The team is scheduled to play in (at least) two tournaments: The Orcutt Cup Classic in Orcutt, Dec. 7 and 8; and The South Bay Shoot-Out in Los Osos, Dec. 14 and 15. The entry fee for both tournaments total $950. The team will wear their league season uniforms to help defray some of the costs.

However, it is somewhat of a hardship for these families to afford the costs of the entry fees. It would be a true shame if these boys could not play further to truly show their talents and to represent Cambria at these events.

The team is asking for, and would appreciate any and all financial help that the generous people of Cambria can offer to help off-set the costs of participation. All donations are tax-deductible, and should be made out to “CYAA” (Cambria Youth Athletic Association). Please contact Christopher Gutierrez at the Cambria General Store at 909-7802, and/or myself, Jack Mettier (927-0541), as soon as possible (entry deadlines are Dec. 6th) if you would like to help this great team continue to represent Cambria.

The team thanks you for your support!

Jack Mettier


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