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Cambrian Letters to the Editor Nov. 7

Not growing; shrinking

Elizabeth Bettenhausen, in her column in the Oct. 24 Cambrian, says “Cambria has been growing and growing and growing.” This concern is shared by a number of other people who use it as justification to oppose any future growth. It has been repeated so often, that it is almost accepted as fact. However, it is more of an urban legend.

The facts: According to the United States Census Bureau, there were 6,232 people in Cambria in 2000. In 2010, the population was 6,032, a decline of 3.2 percent.

In terms of water, the total amount delivered in 2000 was 687.2 acrefeet, per the Fryer Report. In 2010, only 619.1 acrefeet of water was delivered. This was a decrease of almost 10 percent and was almost 15 percent below the maximum amount of 725.3 acrefeet delivered in 1988.

Ms. Bettenhausen was particularly concerned about growth in tourism. I could not find readily available data specific to Cambria, but for San Luis Obispo County, total travel spending in 2000 was $909.9 million. That amount did increase to $1.158 billion in 2010.

owever, the average annual increase in travel spending of 2.7 percent matched the rate of inflation during that same period.

Some people in Cambria are concerned about growth. However, in the recent past, there were more people living in Cambria, using more water and visited by about the same number of tourists. And yet, Cambria was still attractive enough to lead many people, including Ms. Bettenhausen, to move there.

James Eble


Other ways to slice it

My husband and I attended the Oct. 24 Cambria Community Services District board meeting and I came away with a few thoughts about it.

First, I’d like to commend the board for reconsidering the water restrictions. While they have come up with a new plan that is welcomed by many, I also want to say that I think Amanda Rice was on the right track. She asked that there be no changes to the then-current restrictions until we found out when and if we would see rain before December.

If no rains came, she said, it might further reduce the water tables. Then, we’d be back to where we were: no yard/garden watering from our hoses and carrying water from the tanks in town. That made sense to me.

It was then discussed that perhaps watering could be done a couple of days a week, such as Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ms. Rice brought up the fact that the number of homes watering on those days could impact the wells usage severely.

The board voted to allow watering on two days a week.

After the meeting, I approached Director Jim Bahringer and told him that I had an idea that might help minimize water usage. Instead of two days’ watering schedules, why not allow watering by area?

Thus, on Mondays, Park Hill; Tuesdays, Happy Hill; and so on. Each area could have a designated day throughout the week and perhaps the water levels would not be so drastically affected. Mr. Bahringer said it was a good suggestion but it was too late. I replied that there would be another meeting in November.

We are all aware that there are many in our town who, due to various circumstances, cannot carry water from the tanks in town. This might be an easier way for us all and perhaps help our water levels?

Anne Bennett


Proactive savings

Who knew your toilet can have an infinitesimal leak that adds up to doubling your bill? Thank you, Courtney at Cambria Community Services District, for your proactive call to alert us to the fact we may have a leak in our system.

Thanks to Justin, also of CCSD fame, who came to our home immediately following Courtney’s call, verified we had a problem and offered an immediate solution.

Thank you Cambria Hardware for the $1.50 solution to our problem. Your personal service, including replacing the errant gasket, was a delightful experience. A simple rubber gasket, that plugs the tank between uses, had deteriorated to mush.

The running water I heard was so brief and so far between incidents, I truly never thought it indicated a serious problem, or that it was inflating our water bill beyond double the norm.

Thank you to our Cambria services district team for the education and the ultimate savings of water and cash.

Nancy McKarney


Go Broncos!

The Coast Union High School Broncos have a chance to make a major statement in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Southern Section eight-man football playoffs starting this Friday.

Sixteen seniors, an outstanding sophomore and a talented coaching staff have combined to make some spectacular plays this season. They have won all their games but one, which they fumbled away and lost by two points.

If ever there was a opportunity for the Broncos to bring home some bling to the North Coast it is this year. Block, tackle, run and pass your way to a state championship, gentlemen. We’ll be following every play from our new home in southwest Colorado.

The Ronemus family

Ouray, Colo.

ACA supporter

I completely support the Affordable Care Act.

It makes sense and it will cover millions of Americans. And the problems with signing up will be solved in short order.

Clive Finchamp



I cannot begin to properly describe the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that my family and I have experienced over the past months. The Lord has used Cambria to bless me and my family in so many ways, some of which I am sure I will never know about. I am very proud to come from a place that knows so well how to pull together and help someone when the need is there.

My family and I went to my fundraiser at Creekside Gardens about a month ago to eat and convey our gratitude to Ramon and his crew. What we didn’t expect was the huge onset of emotion at the sight of how many people came out to support me.

There were people I knew from school, church and work. There were people who know me through my parents or my wife’s parents. Then there were people who did not know me or anything about me other than the fact that I needed help, so they came. My wife and I were blown away at the support that the community of Cambria gave that day.

I will not try to list all the names of people to whom I want to say “thank you”; you know who you are, even if I do not! But “thank you” to everyone who helped with my fundraiser, everyone who came to the fundraiser and those who could not make it but gave anyway.

Thank you! To everyone who has given or is giving money to me and my family, whether through Heritage Oaks or by other means, thank you!

Finally, to all who are praying for my healing, thank you! (And keep it up!)

I am honored to tell people I am from Cambria. Thank you for giving me the reasons to do so. I love you all very much.

Nate Cashdan and family


Scam phone calls

Be careful with phone calls that start, “hello grandma, how are you?” I received just that this week and answered, “fine, how are you?”

A young male voice replied, “well, no so good. I don’t know if you tell, but I broke my nose.

I was in a pretty serious accident, but for now I would just like to keep this between you and me.”

This immediately rang an alarm bell to me, so I said, “what grandson am I talk to, anyhow?” Without a pause, he replied, “you oldest grandson, who did you think it was?” (A clever way to answer without giving a name.)

I then told him, “I don’t know which one, but you sure as heck aren’t my older grandson.” There was a click and we were disconnected.

I hope this letter will warn seniors that there are people out there trying to get you to wire them money to pay for their “bail” or their “Hospital bill.”

I have a friend who lost more than $3,000 to this scam.

Marian Manders


Super Soupabration

Perfection comes to Cambria once again! Locals and out of towners came to attend the third annual Grand Ole Soupabration benefit at Camp Ocean Pines. Many came early for the scarecrows or stayed late for the beautiful sunset over the Pacific. All who attended were able to enjoy deliciousness and beautiful wildlife ambassadors as well.

And then, there were the soups: amazing, delicious, “complex and exciting,” according to one celebrity judge. Thank you Apple Farm, Bay View Restaurant (Inn at Morro Bay), Divine Street Catering, Indigo Moon, Chef Lawson (Camp Ocean Pines), Linn’s of Cambria, Manta Rey Restaurant, Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill, Robin’s Restaurant, and Shine Cafe.

Thank you to these eight local wineries: Bassetti Vineyards, Black Hand Cellars, Cayucos Cellars, Harmony Cellars, Hearst Ranch Winery, Moonstone Cellars, Sculpterra Winery & Twin Coyotes Winery.

Additionally, the delicious food samplings of olive oil from We Olive, San Luis Obispo; four kinds of chocolates from Mama Ganache Chocolates; focaccia and tapenade, from Bassetti Vineyards; Red Moose Cookies, and Dakota’s Pop Parlor Gourmet Popcorn. Thank you to Brian’s Bread for offering the palate-cleansing bread bites.

It takes a whole passel of folks working hard and donating their time to make a successful event turn out SO well. Thank you to the volunteers: Joanne Aasen, Alese Bell, Kathy Brown, Tamar Carmona, Kelly & John Cherry, Clif Coimbra, John FitzRandolph, Diane Gorman-Teetzel, Cindy Gustafson, Donna Herbst, Taylor Hilden, Grant Magnuson, Chris Payne, Ange & Daniel Payton, Santa Lucia Middle School Leadership (with help from John Ehlers), Mac VanDuzer, Ramona Voge, and David Wolfson.

We enjoyed having Rahm Fama of Food Network TV and Chef Dakota Weiss (“Top Chef” alumnus and executive chef at the W and “LA’s Hottest Chef” in 2013) as “celebrity” judges, but also appreciated our local celebrities: Dave Congalton, radio talk show host, and Bert Etling and Consuelo Macedo of The Cambrian.

Thanks, too, to Pacific Wildlife Care’s education team for a job well-done: Brittany Butcher (Morro), Kathy Duncan (Max, Xena and Gidget), Virginia Flaherty (Misty and Denali), Tera Galanti (Zipper), and Dani Nicholson (Ms. Handsome).

Thank you ALL so very much! The wildlife of San Luis Obispo County benefits from your generosity.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Pacific Wildlife Care and the Soupabration Committee,

Charmaine Coimbra and Marcelle Bakula, chairwomen


Bountiful Harvest Fest

Thank you, Cambria, for you wonderful support of the Cambria Historical Society’s annual Harvest Weekend. From the Friday pie-baking contest to the Saturday harvest market, the Sunday vineyard dinner and Monday’s ag tour, your participation and support has been fantastic.

As you know, it takes many hands to create such a successful weekend — too many to try to name here. So, on behalf of the society board, I would like to thank all those who volunteered their time and talent in planning, organizing and conducting a very successful community event. Your enthusiasm and energy is an inspiration to us all.

In addition, the board wants to recognize all the local businesses that contributed to the success of the weekend activities. Without their continued support our village would be a much poorer place.

The tents have been folded and stored, the gardens have been cleared and we will soon begin planning for the 2014 Harvest Festival. Come and join us, it’s great fun!

Thank you all again,

Jack Breglio, president

Cambria Historical Society

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