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Cambrian Letters to the Editor Feb. 14

Thank You for ...

The thankful heart signs that have popped up again in Cambria this month remind me to say a happy “thank you” to all the children and adults who made them and put them up, and to the people who ordered them.

What a delightful thing to do for the community! Like the Scarecrow Festival, the “Thank You for …” festival is upbeat and cheery. Both festivals make us smile for an entire month and remind us what a really creative town we live in.

I’m sure both festivals will continue to expand and grow, making lots of people even happier, including me. Thank you!

Betty Fiscalini



I have been reading the articles about Kambria Wesch-Doherty and find them incredibly inspiring and uplifting, particularly in these troubling times of societal selfishness, mediocrity, and lack of vision — not to mention the continual attacks on public education and public employees.

And, of course, it should be mentioned that her fellow teachers have pooled days off so that she would not lose time, pay, or insurance.

Particularly touching to me is Kambria’s devotion to her subject and her students.

Former student Alexandra Zaragoza says of Kambria: “She sets the bar high, and pushes each and every student to reach that bar. The study habits she instilled in me help me to this day.”

And student Maryn Steeb, who says: “She cares about your home life, not just your school life. She always tries to show up to school events and support her students.”

What more could someone ask of a mentor, teacher, and human being? Demanding much of one’s students is not an easy or always a thankful task. In fact, it is often one of fighting the current. 

Turning her illness into a lesson in the principles of science is brilliant and generous. Kambria has accomplished amazing things.

Donald Archer


Support all around

The students and staff at Santa Lucia Middle School would like to thank those who supported our pasta dinner fundraiser for our science teacher, Mrs. Kambria Doherty, who is battling a rare form of cancer. We raised over $17,000, sold over 800 meals and donations are still coming in!

This event would not have been possible without help from our local restaurants who donated all the food for this event.

We sincerely thank the Sea Chest, Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill, Sow’s Ear, Cookie Crock, Indigo Moon, Madeline’s and Old Stone Station.

Many other businesses and individuals contributed their time and support to our event and we are so grateful for your generosity.

The SLMS Leadership class appreciates your partnership and support in helping our beloved teacher fight this battle.

Maddie Adams, eighth grader

Santa Lucia Middle School

Community bright spot

I would like to thank the Cambria Community Council for supporting many local groups and organizations with financial donations.

We in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) were among the fortunate groups to receive funding support. We will use our funds to purchase portable handheld spotlights to assist members in night time searches.

With the generous support of Cambria Community Council, we are more effective during emergencies or disasters. How lucky we are in Cambria to have the support of the citizens through donations to the Cambria Community Council.

Norm Smyth, coordinator

Cambria Community Emergency Response Team

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