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Cambrian Letters to the Editor Dec. 20

Chorale: heartwarming

The Cambria Chorale’s annual Christmas concert just gets better every year.  The Chorale’s performance was joyous and heartwarming.

And the Cambria Presbyterian Church was the perfect venue for such a presentation; a beautiful church with a comfortable setting.  Another Norman Rockwell experience in our little town by the sea. How blessed we are.

Terry Farrell


Proud parents

At the recent high school volleyball/football awards banquet there was an obvious paucity of recognition of one particular senior athlete. Nolan Baldwin was the sole pioneer athlete of the current football program.

For all of you sports fans who love statistics and “underdog” heroes, here are some of Nolan’s 8-year football-playing realities: Greater than 80 football games, with the first 48 games of his football career being losses; he endured more than 15 different coaches; played 22 positions, including special teams; learned greater than 50 plays and tolerated four years of coaching complaints regarding potential program loss and poor athlete involvement (talk about preaching to the choir).

In four years of high school football, he never missed a spring, summer or fall practice, game or weight-training workout (despite the 6 a.m. summer workouts his freshman year). He has gone through 20 lasagna casseroles, 60 burritos, three cows (in part) from the Main Street Grill, two cases of stain remover, three large bottles of Advil, 20 lbs. of ice, multiple band-aids and six boxes of tissue. The injuries don’t need to be discussed; that’s football.

Nolan has been dubbed the “heart and soul” of Coast Union football. I would say passion and perseverance were his most outstanding traits.

Nolan is a strong, quiet example of power in a small package. I am proud of the person Nolan has developed into being. A small plaque with “MVP Player or Coach’s Award” doesn’t necessarily tell the story of an athlete’s journey. Nolan won’t have the token honor, but he can hold his head high when hanging up his cleats, knowing he dedicated his everything.

When you see Nolan Baldwin, pat his back, shake his hand, or kiss him on the cheek. He is an outstanding athlete who exemplified dedication through his passion for football while persevering our local challenges.

Sheri and Glenn Baldwin, proud parents


Revamp tax policy

For the past 30 years, since ‘trickle-down’ economics was instituted, wealth has been hemorrhaging up to the richest Americans while a majority of Americans have been losing ground. Along with this shift of wealth, there has been a disconnect between tax responsibility and the benefits that revenue from taxes provides.

To offset irresponsible tax policy, our political leaders have been borrowing money from a healthy Social Security Trust Fund and then arguing that Social Security will go broke.  

Irresponsibly cutting essential earned benefits to a majority of Americans and selling off tax-generated public assets at bargain-basement prices is a crime, not a solution.

There are responsible answers to the irresponsibly created budget and debt crisis:

1. Increase the tax responsibility of the wealthiest Americans and corporations who have benefited the most over the last 30 years.

2. Tax interest, dividends, and capital gains for what they are — income.

3. Institute a financial transaction tax.

4. Increase the estate tax for the wealthiest individuals.

5. Limit mortgage interest deduction to $500,000 principle.

6. Raise the income ceiling of the payroll tax.

7. Consider taxation as a civic responsibility, not punishment.

8. Cut bloated military expenditures.

9. Institute a responsible Medicare-for-all program that takes the burden off the private sector.

Donald Archer


Party was wonderful

Recently, hundreds of children and there families enjoyed a day in wonderland. The day included complimentary food, game booths, toys, arts and crafts; along with a visit from Santa Claus. I would like to especially thank the large group of Lions who volunteered, chaired by Nancy Taylor.

Further assistance came from the American Legion, Cambria Community Council, The Cookie Crock Market and the generous Cambria residents who donated toys.

Santa was picked up and delivered safely back to the North Pole by The Cambria Fire Department.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks again,

Andy Zinn, president

Lions Club of Cambria

Super scarecrows

As amazing as it may seem, 2012 is coming to an end and many of us will be reflecting on the year that was. The Cambria Scarecrow Festival Committee will look back on a year that brought more people together than we could ever have dreamed. From the wonderfully talented people who helped to conduct scarecrow design and build workshops, to the many who helped put the scarecrows up and take them down, we are extremely grateful. 

Who would have thought back in 2009 when the festival started with just 30 scarecrows that just four years later there would be 370! And, most of us never dreamed that we would actually see a peloton of scarecrows cycling or an elephant seal greeting visitors! Thanks to everyone who helped to create all of the diverse and eclectic creatures that filled the town and brought smiles to the faces of locals and visitors.

The Scarecrow Patrol dedicated hours patrolling through town to make sure the scarecrows were well, covering them when it rained and providing first aid when needed. The Coast Union High School students in Mrs. Morrow’s class not only built scarecrows, they built relationships with local businesses and wowed us with the results of their collaborations.

So many of you donated time, energy, advice and know how that we cannot list everyone’s name here.  Suffice it to say we appreciate every single one of you and we thank our lucky stars everyday that we live in such a wonderful community. Thank you to all who made the 2012 Cambria Scarecrow Festival a huge success. We could not have done it without every one of you!

Taylor Hilden and Sue Robinson

2012 Cambria Scarecrow Festival Co-chairs

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