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Letters to the Editor Sept. 27 - Oct. 3

Recipe for ‘Yes Soup’

Staging a community fundraiser and outreach event would be the last thing in the world we would volunteer to do if not for the enthusiasm and generosity demonstrated by the Central Coast community in support of the recent Friends of the Elephant Seal’s Grand Ole Soupabration — Soup, Wine, Authors & Art.

Camp Ocean Pines started what we will call the Yes Soup. San Simeon Tourism Alliance added more yes to the soup as a sponsor along with Frank Fratto, DDS, Cambria Hardware Center and Idler’s Appliance. With the stock warming in the kettle, local restaurants and wineries, authors and artists and gourmet food samplers, celebrity chefs and media personalities grew the soup’s ingredients with additional yes.

Then, a generous dousing of donors, givers, and supporters spiced this kettle of Yes Soup nicely.

But the secret ingredient to making Yes Soup a blue ribbon winner is the Friends of the Elephant Seal (FES) volunteers. Between giving their time on the Piedras Blancas bluffs chatting about the northern elephant seal to the thousands of people who visit, and their service to other FES committees and other community nonprofits, and then working on this community event, is more than any volunteer event coordinator and co-coordinator could ask for.

On Sept. 9 at Camp Ocean Pines, Yes Soup was metaphorically served to over 200 soup sippers, wine tasters, book readers and art lovers when A Grand Ole Soupabration took its second bow as a community fundraising/outreach event. Thank you, Central Coast community.

Be sure to visit “FESS” (the Friends of the Elephant Seal Scarecrow) during the upcoming Cambria Scarecrow Festival this October. Be prepared for a surprise when FESS catches your eye.

Charmaine Coimbra and Ramona Voge, volunteers

Friends of the Elephant Seal

Consider the sources

With all due respect, to those who wrote in last week about the film, “2016 Obama’s America”: I would give much more credence to your views if you wrote from a first-person account instead of repeating the spin from those media outlets that are as polarized to the left as Fox News is to the right.

Randall Schwalbe Cambria

‘Hornets’ nest’

Seems I kicked a hornets’ nest in good ol’ Cambria. Of course, I realize a lot of Democrats live here, with Republicans, Independents, probably a few Socialists sprinkled here and there. My letter about the movie, “2016: Obama’s America,” was not to be taken as an insult to those who voted for him. All I asked was that you see it for yourself before making a judgment about it. It was produced by Republicans who used some of Obama’s own words in his taped-book. Michael Moore produced movies with the Democrat’s blessing, and has been paid very well since. There was a “stink” about his movies throughout the nation, also.

So my not believing the way you do about politics and where our country is being led, has made some upset with me. I guess it has been that way since America was founded. It’s called DEMOCRACY in this republic. My opinion and your opinion. I don’t think he is a good president. He sings good and smiles great, and is a professional speaker, but that won’t get my vote. He has been more out of his office than in it to do what a president should do.

If I were to give a comment about Michael Moore’s movies, it would be idiotic for me to do so, since I have not seen any of his movies. So, I am left to believe what “critics” and “reporters” tell me what is true. Their gospel. I better believe them, or I will be accused of talking about a movie that someone else saw and didn’t like, no matter that they are bought and paid for by the opposing party. Especially the Mainstream Media that backs Obama, no matter what. The media station owners must get something for that, wouldn’t you think. Ask George Soros.

I saw the movie to learn more about Obama. I watch CNN and FOX News. I’ve watched the other news stations a year ago to get their perspective. Yikes. They were dribbling hatred like emotionally immature adults. Hannity’s program gives me the same feeling at times. You believe your news people and I believe mine.

We will see in the November vote what the majority believe.

David T. Manion Cambria

Count the blessings

I found the piece written by Michele Oksen in the Sept. 13 Cambrian, entitled “Sadness in a small town,” heartbreakingly beautiful. The words expressed seemed so comforting to those of us who have suffered losses in our lives.

A dear Cambrian friend recently passed away and through my tears I realized how fortunate I am to live in a community where caring and compassion are in abundance.

Jennifer Rogers Cambria