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Letters to the Editor

Understanding Obama

H ere’s another side of David Manion and Kate Duffy’s letters to the editor urging Cambrians to view the movie “2016 Obama’s America.”

Having not seen the film, I Googled it and discovered on Wikipedia that D’Souze is a conservative political commentator who is a prominent voice in American politics and has been affiliated with a number of top conservative organizations. And that the picture was promoted through Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

I also found these reviews on the web site of “Rotten Tomatoes”:

The Associated Press questioned some of the film’s points and said its central thesis that Obama’s presidency is an expression of his father’s political beliefs, “is almost entirely subjective and a logical stretch at best.”

The NewYorker said, ” The movie ‘2016: Obama’s America’ is a work of propaganda that offers base innuendo in lieu of argument.”

Variety said, “The pic comes off as a cavalcade of conspiracy theories, psycho-politico conjectures and incendiary labeling.”

The Washington Post commented, A “slick infomercial ... destined to irritate the president’s supporters while mobilizing his detractors, even as it is doomed to win precious few converts,” while also criticizing D’Souza for “fear-mongering of the worst kind.”

Time magazine, “But it’s no small achievement to draw so many of the conservative faithful into a movie theater for the kind of sermon they can hear on Fox News for free: a combination of skewed analysis and dire portents.”

Think I’ll skip this film.

Bill Lakin Cambria

Consider the source

You might consider why “Obama’s America, 2016” is being hyped just before the election. I suggest you Google “Gerald R. Molen” and “Dinesh D’Souza”— its creators—and find out who they are.

Their backgrounds and affiliations may clarify their reasons for making such a film and certainly put into question their objectivity in doing so.

The first step in effective propaganda is to establish credibility through creating a sense of impartiality, objectivity and inevitability of logic.

Filmakers know that editing is EVERYTHING. True becomes false, up becomes down—depending on how material is edited and sequenced.

In our Orwellian political environment, “documentaries” and propaganda have merged. Quotes out of context — put forward with an agenda in mind— can manipulate conclusions, be powerfully misleading, and sway unwary voters.

Donald Archer Cambria

Thanks to ogre maker

The Scarecrow Committee and Historical Society are very happy because our parade float was awarded first place in the Non-Commercial Decorated Float category. The creator of “Curtis” the Ogre (the happy, smiling ogre) was Beverly Whitaker. She was one of our workshop contributors this year, and her talent is amazing.

We owe this win to Beverly and would love to recognize her for this very special creation and contribution. She is generous and so humble. Beverly is a constant caregiver to family members, and creating gives her a much-needed outlet.

Taylor Hilden, cochairman

Cambria Scarecrow Festival

Privilege to take part

It’s fun, it’s a privilege to participate.

When we consider whether or not to participate in the Lion’s Pinedorado Parade each year, we inevitably decide that we will — it’s a Linn’s tradition and it’s fun. But it’s more than that. Linn’s is deeply rooted in Cambria. Our business’s very existence is tied to the land and the people who live and work here.

So just as the original Pinedorado was created to bring distant neighbors together for a time of community celebration and bonding, we see the modern day Lions’ weekend as a time for our townspeople to come together and recognize we are part of a whole; important to each other as we work to succeed.

We watched this spirit of “hometown cooperation” demonstrated at our headquarters this year as our parade float “Linn’s Piedoughrado” was built and displayed by our employees. We decided on our float’s name and then watched as our creative, skilled, and generous employees organized, wrote, designed, researched and purchased materials, built, painted, found music and installed systems to play it, provided equipment, drove, danced, sang, waved and cheered our entry on to become the 2012 Pinedorado first place Decorated Commercial Float.

We want to acknowledge and thank all of our 90-plus employees for the jobs they do for us every day — and in particular the following people for their participation in 2012 “Linn’s Piedoughrado” that celebrated our town and the hardworking and determined people who live here:

Phil Purdin, Char Purdin, Darin McMaster, Roxanne Brodnick, Jomelyn Mislang, Kaitlin McFarland, Sarah Smith, Tim Linzey, Diana Linzey, Cori de Clercq, Ian Cocroft, Leigh Brandt and our dependable driver, Ellis Bassetti and his sidekick Bob Sculley.

John, Renee and Aaron Linn Cambria

A sincere thank you

First: an important fact was unfortunately omitted in the Sept. 6 Cambrian’s obituary for Jody Fueyo; she was my daughter and I will surely miss her. Runo and I would like to publicly thank all the wonderful people in Cambria who, over the last four weeks, have expressed their sincere and beautiful thoughts through telephone calls, cards and letters. We are so pleased that many of you have been touched by her during her many trips to visit us and her daughter, Gabrielle. Incidentally, she was the one who convinced us to move here, and for that we are truly grateful. What wonderful people you all are.

Roberta R. Lemming Cambria