Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor Aug. 16 - 22

Freedom of speech

I n the two recent letters regarding the political scuffle in front of the B of A in East Village, I must remind everyone that freedom of speech does not just apply to speech you agree with. The LaRouche people have as much right to their views as you do to your views. Labeling their visit as “hate comes to Cambria” is totally uncalled for, as was the comment about nose picking.

In addition, putting a Hitler moustache on a picture of Obama is not “racist” in any way, shape or form. In fact, disagreeing with Obama and Obama’s policies is not racist either. I suggest the users of this term look it up in the dictionary before they use it to politically disparage the people they disagree with.

Peter Zobian Cambria

Just a little push

The Friends of the Cambria Library are still at it, trying to push for the amount needed to start interior construction of the new library. We, like the community, are so anxious to finish the rush to acquire the needed funds.

Our last book sale was another success thanks to the four 4-H members who helped set up for the sale. Of course, we always appreciate all the members and other Cambria supporters who set, run and take down the quarterly event.

Our next sale is Oct. 26 and 27. Please come out to help us move the library thermometer up and over the top with a


Teri Lord Cambria

A sign of the times

I like the new sign in front of the old grammar school! I think it is a great addition to our village. I like knowing what’s going on at The Old Schoolhouse Theatre. I think Cambria is fortunate to have both The Pewter Plough Playhouse and the Cambria Center for the Arts Theatre. I appreciate both venues and wish them both well.

Bill Baker Cambria

‘Rumors’ is terrific

Even if you don’t usually go to plays, ya gotta see this one!

“Rumors” is a laugh-out-loud experience. The audience spends most of the two-act play in stitches. If you want to see a first-class play that will leave you in good spirits, see “Rumors.” Great cast. Terrific set. And it is just a few minutes away, right here in our town. Another reason to celebrate living in Cambria.

Terry Farrell Cambria

An uplifting touch

The arts are alive and well in Cambria and I think the new automated sign in front of the Allied Arts Gallery at the old grammar school announces this to the world.

The sign is attractive, provides good information and is a modern uplifting touch to the look of the town. Thanks, Allied Arts.

Pat Cowdery Cambria

Managing water

Kudos to John FitzRandolph for elucidating the challenges — and possibilities — for Cambrians in better water management (Aug. 2, “Cambria water resources: Waste not, want not”).

A couple years ago I hosted a free demo at my place in Lodge Hill on how to AFFORDABLY harvest rainwater from your roof. I emphasize affordable because, contrary to what was stated, it is really quite practical and can be “cheap.” No, it will not really save you much money, and whether you do it for “green” purposes or not is not really the point. As

many people as possible need to do it for emergency back-up purposes — to have a supply on site in case of fire, a plumbing failure or a drought that cripples the CCSD’s efforts to supply plentiful water on demand. (Over 50 percent of potable water is needed just to flush the toilets!)

My system is not very sophisticated as it doesn’t use pumps. I can gravity-feed water into my various tanks from the house roof throughout my property. I have one 1,100 gallon propelyn water tank (which cost about $900) but I also have three-gallon trash barrels, a stock watering tank, and a hot tub that can hold a total of about 2,000 gallons at any one time. Interestingly, most years’ winter rains could fill these “tanks” at least 10 times over so I’m forced to disconnect the spouts/hoses early in the season.

I am not alone in doing this. I know a single woman in my neighborhood who hooked up a system herself using 10 interconnected 55-gallon drums (for garden watering purposes, mostly). And she swears by it.

I would also like to inform readers that I have developed a portable emergency back-up solar electric system whose components can be purchased for less than $1,000. My solar “generator” (silent, with

rechargeable deep cycle batteries) can run a variety of appliances concurrently for up to several days. We have outages here that can last that long, and you will never be without power to open your garage door, keep lights on or keep perishables cold with such a system.

I would like to demonstrate both the rainwater catchment and solar electric systems by this fall. If you are interested, please email billseavey@gmail.comwith the heading Emergency Back-up, and give me your phone number and preferred day/time for the demo.

You can also call 909-9065 if you don’t have email, but I am not really interested in discussing the details of either systems on the phone.

Willliam L. Seavey Cambria