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Letters to the Editor July 19 - 25

Never metamorphosis I didn’t like: Formerly pink and free for the taking, now checked and well-used.
Never metamorphosis I didn’t like: Formerly pink and free for the taking, now checked and well-used. COURTESY PHOTO

Keep money here

I was saddened to learn of the scheduled closure of our local Bank of America (B of A) branch, which will create a very large empty storefront right in the heart of the historic East Village. Bank officials cite the growing use of Internet services, smart phone and ATM as contributing to the demise of the branch, resulting in as few as 20-25 walk-in customers per day.

Truth is, B of A should be pointing its collective fingers squarely at themselves for this failed branch. B of A has not had a “presence” in this community for many years, as evidenced by its lack of membership and participation in the Cambria Chamber of Commerce and other local service organizations. Rabobank (formerly Mid- State Bank) and Heritage Oaks Bank have demonstrated that with an effective community relations strategy, a financial institution can indeed thrive in today’s marketplace.

Hopefully, the disenfranchised Cambria B of A branch customers will keep their dollars in this community and switch their accounts to either Rabobank or Heritage Oaks.

Michael Thompson Cambria

No on 30

I know we just finished with our primary election over a month ago, but it is not too soon to encourage voters to vote NO on Prop 30 this November. If your adult children show no fiscal responsibility, why would you be motivated to just hand over more of your money? That only enables them to continue to behave recklessly. Case in point: The $45 billion high-speed train project has mushroomed to close to $100 billion while being illegally reduced to slow speed service for few towns in the Central Valley and to subsidize retrofitting the mass transit system in the Bay Area. On top of all that, 10 percent of the state’s annual budget will be earmarked to pay off that debt indefinitely.

Our state government has grown over the past 10 years in the face of a recession, and it is one of only 10 states that carries a full-time legislature. Beyond the three months a year they are really needed, our legislators are proposing and passing hundreds of inane bills, many of which are job killers. CARB is an unelected and unregulated agency that imposes and enforces draconian regulations in the name of the environment that also drive businesses to other states (which means less tax revenue from businesses). As a result, California is ranked as the 50th business-friendly state by CEO.comfor the past eight years, losing 254 companies in 2011 alone — over one per workday. Raising taxes will turn all this around?

Gov. Brown is desperately trying to find means to subsidize the exorbitant public sector pensions that are driving this state to the brink of bankruptcy. (Since 1990, virtually all private sector companies have switched over to 401Ks.) Even though counties and municipalities are able (as is happening right now), states cannot legally file for Chapter 9 until Congress approves such legislation. Therefore, the governor will argue, “Everyone’s gotta give a little,” even though we the taxpayers are not at fault.

Do you think that offering the California bear some more food will cause him to go away? We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Randall Schwalbe Cambria

Henry Cooper, RIP

For those of you who

Cooper did pass away on Tuesday, July 10, from complications of surgery. There will be a celebration for Henry sometime in September. We will put the date out as soon as we know.

Thank you so much for sending your prayers and funds to Henry & Kathy.

She is overwhelmed with the kindness shown at this time of sorrow.

Sheri Odenwald Cambria

Grateful for help

Within about a three-day period, my wife and I both needed emergency medical attention and ambulance transportation to Twin Cities Community Hospital. We feel that the level of courteous, efficient, professional care we received from the Cambria Community Healthcare District employees should be acknowledged publicly.

Cambria Fire and Cal Fire also earned our thanks for their rapid response and assistance. The staff at Twin Cities was equally professional and thorough in performing their duties and making sure we had all our questions answered, gave us everything we needed and then sent us on our way.

We are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful network of emergency health care available to us in our little corner of paradise.

Doris and Walter Stacy


Save the rain

In regard to the article about Mr. Warrick using rainwater to drink, I totally agree.

While performing in the New Island Princess Hotel in Hamilton, Bermuda, for three summer months, I relished the wonderful rainwater they used.

When they had to use well water the last week I was there, the taste was notably different and not as refreshing. The residents in Bermuda have grooves in their roofs to catch the rainwater at each corner.

David Manion Cambria

FREE to a good home

It is so great to live in a place where you can put out an unwanted piece of furniture with a “FREE” sign and know it will be gone in the morning.

Thanks to my Lodge Hill neighbor who left this formerly baby pink table and benches out with a FREE sign.

No longer baby pink, it has taken on a Memphis look in black and white stripes and checks, with accents of red and green and blue and purple.

It’s a fun table and hosts lots of fun meals on our deck.

Hazel Larsen Cambria