Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor July 5 - 11

Conserve dollars

C ambria citizens were optimistic earlier last month when services district directors announced they were pumping up the water conservation budget with $100,000 for rebates on customer water saving devices such as efficient washing machines, newer and more efficient low-flow devices and proven technologies that could actually save water here in Cambria.

Instead, at last Thursday’s meeting, the Cambria Community Services District Directors voted to use that money to pay a new consultant, Bill Maddaus, $69,000 for “development of a water conservation program, to further assess conservation potential, review existing codes, analyze billing data and apply Best Management Practices that could save water as well as attend meetings at a cost of $2,500 per meeting.”

Doesn’t Cambria already have a water conservation program? As a signatory to the California Urban Water Conservation Council, aren’t we supposed to be following “Best Management Practices” already? Shouldn’t the $69,000 go toward actually enforcing and implementing the perfectly good ordinances that have been on the books since the Urban Water Management Plan of 1989? Wouldn’t the

$69,000 be better spent on rebates for new and more efficient washing machines and low-flow toilets?

Greenspace — the Cambria Land Trust has just released a detailed report analyzing Cambria’s water use using 20 years worth of actual billing records from CCSD. Much of the information Mr. Maddaus is being paid $69,000 to uncover has already been uncovered by Greenspace in this new report written by James Fryer entitled “A Review of Water Use & Water Management Alternatives in Cambria, California.” It will soon be posted at the Greenspace website (www.greenspace the heading of “Desalination.”

I think you will find the reading quite informative; if so, please consider renewing your membership to Greenspace as your way of saying “thanks.”

Mary Webb, vice president

Greenspace –the Cambria Land Trust

They do so much

As one of the wives of the volunteers who put on the annual Gene Cerise Memorial Country Coast Classic Bike Ride, I am always in awe every year watching how many hours they put into making it such a successful bike ride.

Fundraisers always take lots of behind-thescenes work, but I didn’t realize until this year that this fundraiser stretches out over 100 miles. Someone has to drive this route a minimum of two times, putting up signs along the way, and then coming back later and picking them up.

Also, the behind-thescenes volunteers shop and make sure there’s enough food at the rest stops and at the park for lunch. Then there’s the barbecue which the Lions have graciously taken over. Also, getting the rest stops filled with volunteers throughout the day who come and pick up all the needed supplies.

Volunteers scout around for the many raffle prizes, volunteers bake cookies and make 50 pounds of potatoes for the rest stops. Then there’s all of the physical aspect of setting up at the park at 5 a.m. for the 250 riders to check in before they bicycle.

Every year I watch how hard these many volunteers work, and I am amazed! In particular, Marcelle Bakula has headed this up, and has everything so organized and well thought out. Jim Rogers, Art Chapman, and John FitzRandolph do anything and everything to keep things set up and going perfectly. All three are working from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the day of the ride.

I just feel so blessed to live in a community where so many of us retired people have given of themselves to enrich our village and create such a wonderful environment for us to live in.

Trudy Chapman Cambria

Building library fund

A big success goes to the community and the Friends of the Cambria Library. We held our Fabulous Treasures Sale this last weekend, June 29, 30 and July 1. Purchases and donations amounted to more than $16,000 for the three-day event. The results of this sale puts us closer to the Hind Foundation matching challenge of $140,000.

Thank yous must go to our two gurus of pricing, Doreen Minnick and Richard Moratin. Without them, we would have been lost as to the worth of our sale items.

A very important “thank you” must also go to those in the community who helped with cleaning out their homes of precious treasures, thus giving us the inventory to sell.

Our last big thanks goes to all the Friends of the Cambria Library. Each day the Friends were there to set up, stage the items, help patrons with their purchases and be there to aid in the process. Thanks to Cambrians and visitors we are on the road to a new “completed” library.

Just a reminder, to continue in the raising of funds, the Friends will be hosting a book sale Friday and Saturday, July 27 and 28. Help us out by bringing your family and friends to the Veterans Memorial Building from 4 to 6 p.m. Friday and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Donations of books may be brought to the back door of the existing library up until Wednesday, July 25.

Teri Lord Cambria