Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor June 14 - 20

Public panelists

Others in Cambria are far more knowledgeable than I regarding water management history, current issues and the best alternative resources available to our community.

Considering that all of us reside here for only a moment in the larger scheme of the millennia, it behooves us to be careful stewards of this amazing place and the people who live here. We also collectively are responsible to listen to and negotiate with the various viewpoints of Cambria’s inhabitants.

Thus I commend the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors for current openness to listen and respond to the voices of their neighbors.

Capturing that openness, I suggest that the board give serious consideration to one of the requests made at the March 15 Cambria Water Supply Project Public Scoping Meeting, namely that future planning sessions prior to the scoping meetings include representatives from the community.

Among our greatest resources here in Cambria are the experts within our midst who know not only the history, but the science of water management. Some of our Cambria and Central Coast residents are world-renowned experts in the various issues that face our community. While it is important to obtain impartial advice, I also suggest that we take advantage of this resource prior to hiring outside experts at great cost, experts who don’t know Cambria.

During recent years in other arenas, such as public health, involving the community in decision making about the health of their community has resulted in significant improvement in the health and welfare of community members.

Public deliberation and community partnerships work. The public health example has been applied effectively to natural and built environments.

I respectfully recommend that the CCSD take advantage of the experts right here in Cambria and give them more than the three minutes allotted at public meetings to offer their advice.

Nancy Anderson Cambria

Nice venue

On behalf of Rough Writers, a local writing group, I’d like to acknowledge the Cambria Center for the Arts for providing a beautiful venue for our reading event on Sunday, June 3. The auditorium in Cambria’s former grammar school building on Main Street was a marvelous space for us!

Comfortable theater-style seating, good light and acoustics in an attractive room is what we wanted but, in addition, we got wonderful personal attention from Nancy Green who went so far as to provide a flower

arrangement for the area where audience and readers socialized before and after the event!

Cambrians should remember this theater space as a wonderful community resource.

Thank you, too, to all those who came to encourage and support us. We were thrilled to see so many in attendance!

To learn (and read) more, go to roughwriters . org.

Sherry Eiselen Cambria


Dear Cambria,

I knew we could count on the generosity of Cambrians to help purchase a stroller for the Sepulveda family who are expecting triplets.

The stroller was presented to the mom at a Mother’s Day Tea in her son Fernando’s class at Cambria Grammar School.

Together, we raised $1,000!

This incredible stroller will hold three car seats that can lock into the stroller to keep the babies safe and comfortable.

Thank you for your support and your gift. It is greatly appreciated by the family. The babies will be born in about two weeks! With sincere gratitude,

Teresa Mendoza and Linda Melendy, Healthy Families Cambria