Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor Nov. 18 - 24

Losers are winners

Sometimes the losers are winners. When you run for office and lose, you are hurt, but you put yourself out there, which is what very few people ever do.

The losers in the recent CCSD election won, even though they lost. Valerie Bentz and Harry Farmer lost, but they won because they tried; but, I repeat, not everyone tries, because they are lazy or simply don’t care. A sorry lot indeed. As Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

A Compton city councilman took the bar 43 times and passed it on the 43rd time. His two sons passed the bar on their first try. They were taught, just as Valerie and Harry were taught, that you must try, no matter what the odds are. Sometimes I say “no,” even when everyone says “yes,” just to prove we live in a democracy.

Clive Finchamp


Keep it up, John

Regarding William L. Seavey’s “Lose the hyperbole” letter, Nov. 4: No! Don’t lose the hyperbole, John. At times like this in the world, we need more kids like Andy Gordon, and the rest of the team. I’m out there at every home game to see the boys play, and to see what a great set of young men they are.

No, they might not cure cancer, but we don’t know what incredible things they will do if they are encouraged along the way. We are ready to complain about teenagers being lazy and disrespectful, but on the flip side it is our honor as adults to be ready to compliment, and maybe even exaggerate, about their accomplishments when it is warranted.

I’ve always told my son you can do anything you set your mind to. We, as adults, should be telling kids what good they are doing; not telling them it’s impossible for them to solve the Korean nuclear issue.

I am not 16, nor am I related to Andy, but I would “go through a brick wall” or “leap over a tall building” for kids like him. Andy, you’re a great young man! That goes for your teammates, too. Great job Coast Union! Show the world, and Mr. Seavey, that nothing is impossible.

P.S. Thanks, John, for what you do for the kids.

Rudy Rodriguez


Keep making music

Last week the Cambria Chorale board voted to contribute $1,000 to the Cambria Youth Music Fund, which provides funds for music scholarships for aspiring young musicians in Cambria.

The fund was started back in 1995 by the Lions Club of Cambria after a reprise of the Cambria Follies over Presidents Day weekend. Since that time, the Cambria Youth Music Fund has enabled more than 56 young students to take music lessons with a professional musician. The fund has been supported by the Cambria Chorale, the Lions Club of Cambria, many private donations, memorial donations and benefit concerts.

Many thanks to the Cambria Chorale for one more donation to the music fund that helps ensure several more months of support for worthy young musicians.

We thank you, supportive parents, inspiring teachers, eager students and all of Cambria for your support of this worthwhile program.

Ann Glaser and Arla Stevens, co-chairmen

The Cambria Youth Music Fund

Thanks for your support for Soles4Souls

I would like to thank the community for its support in donating shoes for the Soles4Souls shoe drive. Thanks to your efforts, the Coast Union High School Interact Club was able to collect over 800 pairs of shoes for donation to third-world countries. A special thanks to the Santa Lucia Middle School Leadership class who helped collect and package the shoes. Once the shoes left Cambria, they were prepared for shipment by a processing center that employs 180 people with disabilities.

Your donation not only gave someone in need a pair of shoes, but it gave disabled people meaningful work and a paycheck.

Connor Cunningham, on behalf of

The CUHS Interact Club