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Letters to the Editor Aug. 12 - 18

Broncos need Boosters

A s a full-time working mom, I don’t do nearly my share of fundraising for the schools my son and daughter attend. But this year I found myself helping a friend who heads a Bronco Boosters fundraising committee. My task: To scour Main Street pleading with business owners to place an ad in Coast Union’s fall sports program.

I took my daughter (entering her freshman year at Coast) with me for moral support. We have many friends who are shop owners just trying to keep

their businesses afloat— and they’re constantly bombarded by this or that organization asking for funds for Lord knows what.

So it’s no surprise that on a foggy morning at the north end of west Main Street, we received only one “yes” (a family friend). The rest were “maybes” (yeah, right), “noes,” and hard-luck stories. I almost felt guilty.

But I thought about it. As hard as it surely is to cough up $50 for a business- card sized ad in a sports pamphlet right now (or $20 for a Bronco Boosters membership), I believe it’s crucial for local business owners to do just that.

Why? Because: 1) The schools are also victims of the dismal economy and increasingly dependent on outside financial support for programs like sports, Mock Trial, drama, music, etc. just to exist. As a community, do we really want to see these programs die out? 2) Even though many of our businesses cater to tourists, most cannot exist without the support of the local community. What better way to do this than support extra-curricular programs at your local schools? And 3) It’s the right thing to do.

Take it from this single mom whose children are entering their college years backed by character-building activities like band, art, leadership, Mock Trial and tennis, to name a few. These programs have made a huge difference in the lives of at least two young people who frequently roam Main Street. Please support the youth of this lovely little place we call Cambria and become a Bronco Booster today!

Kirsten Mathieson Cambria

(Editor’s note: For details, call 927-1428 or go to

What leads to growth?

Mary Webb (Aug. 5, “Desal as insurance?”) says that “poor planning policies” lead to “rampant growth.” Really? I disagree.

Rampant growth in our community can only be caused by two events: immigration or procreation.

The first could use a little

regulation; the latter — not at all.

Steve Kniffen Cambria

Pension funding flaws

Your July 29 issue carried an excellent article

( “Defined contributions— not defined benefits”) by Frank J. DeMicco on current and future concerns over the funding of pension plans.

What Mr. DeMicco did not cover was the huge gap over the years between pensioners with “cost of living” clauses and those without. My pension is exactly what it was when I retired — “cost of living” clauses do provide increased income each year, which often lets pensions approach, or exceed, a retiree’s ending compensation.

Nor does M. DeMicco mention the cuts corporations have almost universally made in their retired employee’s health benefits. Public-sector retirees have, to date, largely been spared shouldering part of these added health costs. Life expectancy has also added greatly to pension costs.

The “bottom line” is: We do our employees no service by letting them live with the illusion their retirement is secure when the benefits are unsustainable. The Four Freedoms we have as Americans don’t include economic freedom.

Again, I thank you, Frank, for taking the time to write such an in-depth Viewpoint. I trust many people will read it and take a more active role in securing their own retirement.

Philip B. Allen Cambria

Came forth for Fourth

A Cambria Independence Day celebration thank you: American Legion Post No. 432 would like to thank everyone who contributed to the very successful Fourth of July celebration. While other communities had to cancel their programs for lack of support, the citizens and business community of Cambria stepped up once again to provide the needed funds and support to create a memorable event.

While it is not possible to name everyone who made significant contributions, we would like to identify the following local businesses for their support (we apologize if we have missed listing your business):

Cavalier Inn Resort, Main Street Grill, Moonstone Beach Bar&Grill, San Simeon Pines Resort, Cambria Rotary, Cambria Inn, Big Happie Hair Inc., Blue Bird Inn, Las Cambritas Restaurant, Wild Ginger, Artifact’s Gallery, Sea Chest Restaurant, Cambria Drug&Gift, Robin’s Restaurant, Cambria Hardware, Lynne Singer, Cookie Crock, Cambria Pines Realty, Wal-Mart and the Odd Fellows.

Don’t forget to support your local businesses!

Richard Brownhill, on behalf of

American Legion Post No. 432

Many made tour cook

Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve held its 10th annual Great Kitchens of Cambria Tour on Saturday, July 31. Once again, we thank everyone who helped to make this a very successful yearly fundraiser.

To the eight homeowners who graciously opened their kitchens for viewing: Judy and Raimund Brendel, Peggy and Dave Fleming, Maryann Grau, Gail and Mario Mangano, Robin and Paul McDonnell, Gail Robi-

nette and Verlinda Bailey, Mary Jane and John Rossi, Mary and Randy Schwalbe; and to all of our sponsors: A Matter Of Taste, Personal Touch Woodworks, San Simeon Travel, Home Arts, Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill, Humphrey Design and Construction, Jeanette Johnson of Executive Brokers and the Cambria Bookends, who underwrote the expense of producing this event, a heartfelt thank you from the board and members of Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.

The attractive raffle prizes were generously donated by the Olallieberry Inn Bed&Breakfast, Friends of Hearst Castle, Patricia Griffin Pottery, Bob and Susan Detweiler, Richard Lee, Alese Bell and Becky Kincaid, Pacific Hair Design, Moonstone Beach Bar&Grill, Diva Day Spa in San Simeon and Onboard Nautical Events in Morro Bay.

A Matter Of Taste provided chicken wraps, Linn’s and Helen Pitton made delicious sweets, The Cambria Coffee Roasting Company generously donated the coffee, and Culligan’s in Morro Bay graciously provided bottled water. Bassetti Vineyards and Harmony Cellars wineries poured their wines. Chef Carlos Madeira skillfully demonstrated vegetable and fruit carving. Susie Bassetti hosted a tasting of her delicious tapenade and Happy Acres Farm provided fresh goat cheese. Two flautists, Pat Burbank and Susan Masin, serenaded all with lovely background music and Bryn Albanese entertained beautifully on the violin.

Once more, we thank the smiling ladies and men in blue who volunteer to act as our very capable docents by greeting tour goers and guiding people through the kitchens. Some have been volunteers since our very first kitchen tour in 2000. This event would not be possible without them. We are grateful for their cheerful willingness to volunteer for these duties each year.

We are already looking forward to the 11th annual Great Kitchens of Cambria tour scheduled for Saturday, July 30, 2011. Hope to see you there!

Jill Hillary, on behalf of the

Cambria Kitchen Tour Committee

Hear ye, hear ye!

Rumor has it that your former Honorary Mayor of Cambria has been put in a “home” somewhere in Northern California. Yes — I am in a “home” in Northern California, sharing a beautiful house with the man of my dreams of five years named Jack. (NO, not Jack Ormond, though he is a sweetie.)

Our “home” is in Bishop, Calif. I miss Cambria, all of you wonderful people, morning walks on the boardwalk, the beauty and serenity, sounds of the waves pounding the shore.

Life changes, bringing exciting new adventure. I awake to awesome sounds of rushing water, horses and sheep. The beauty of the White Mountains to the east, the majestic Sierra to the west, so close as if I could reach out and touch them; yes, my “home” is another one of God’s creations.

Thank you for the memories; hugs,

LaLonnie Heapy, Cambria Honorary Mayor 2006 Bishop

Dumbing of America

On July 2 the Marist Poll asked the question, “From what country did the United States declare its independence in 1776?” It seems that more than a quarter of American citizens are now exclusively getting their “education” via Fox Faux News and Texas schoolbooks, as 26 percent did not know the answer! Among the guesses were Japan, Germany,

France and even China— what, no Atlantis? Americans are getting dumber by the minute, as our once-unparalleled public educational system is dismantled by Republican legislators in all 50 states (or is it 48?).

D. Duane Wall II Cambria