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Letters to the Editor

Just buy a house

K athryn Levesque’s letter (July 1, “Speculator? Not”) criticizing Jeff Hellman’s Viewpoint piece (June 24, “How do you value Cambria? — or, Value and values”) is odd to say the least. She says that people living in their homes could be considered “speculators” as much as people who have bought and held onto lots during the years that our town's property values have skyrocketed.

Living somewhere is a necessity, not speculation. Buying a piece of property where you don’t live based on future hope is speculation. More oddly, she blames tourists for growth more than builders of new homes.

Tourists, particularly the seasonal kind that we get in Cambria, do not attract malls and fast-food restaurants, etc., because those businesses need a population base to operate year around. With a larger population base, Cambria will get those “improvements.”

If you and others in United Lot Owners of Cambria (UnLOC) want to live here so much, buy one of the homes on the market. Currently there are 104 available. Over the 30 years you have craved living here, there have been thousands. If you and UnLOC and the current Cambria Community Services District board have your way, there will be a desalination plant to (supposedly) satisfy your thirst for having your dream home instead of an existing home.

The result will be, assuming we even get the government money to build the plant (it’s not guaranteed), an increase in everyone’s water rates between double and five times our current rates. Director Greg

Sanders keeps telling us the increase will be “minimal” (June 24, “Desal cost factors”), but other more well-informed sources of information say otherwise. The Pacific Institute of Oakland estimates desalinated water will be four to five times as expensive.

Buy a house and remodel it to fit your needs. It will support the real estate industry and the local construction trades. And it will get you out of the terrible crush of Thousand Oaks (etc.) without bringing that crush here to Cambria.

Steve Figler Cambria

Good, but need better

Regarding “County, restaurant try to clear the air” (July 1, Page 5): It is good that the county and Main Street Grill are working on “possible solutions” to the acrid smoke and smell that every morning wafts up through Pine Knolls and nearby neighborhoods, but I hope that these “solutions” involve more than: “Grill employees reportedly have stepped up their schedule for cleaning the over-the-head grill system.” As reported in The Cambrian, the restaurant grills as much as 1,000 to 1,200

pounds of meat a day— “most of which is sent to the Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispo.”

The next time you are driving down Higuera past the always-busy Firestone Grill and you hear the PA system announce, for example, “number 321, your order is ready,” remember the wheezing Cambrians who help pay for it with their health.

To be fair, Main Street Grill took positive steps some time ago by moving all grilling inside, but more needs to be done.

Roger Woelfel Cambria

Lots to be thankful for

Mark Ratto, a longtime Cambrian, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on April 1, 2009, and has been remarkable in his fight against this disease.

As a way to honor Mark and to help him with his mounting expenses, a party was held on Sunday, June 26, at Linn’s Fruit Bin Farmstore on Santa Rosa Creek Road. All of Mark’s friends and family and many of his clients attended the party on a warm and sunny afternoon.

We would like to thank everyone who helped to make the celebration a memorable event.

Special thanks go to: Tami Righetti, who

planned the event, and Aaron Linn, our gracious host, plus Andy Loveless, Greg Wilson, Kirk Azevedo, Michael McAlpine, Mary Milligan and Colleen Murphy, who helped coordinate and spent hours setting up, cleaning up and handling so many details.

We were entertained with wonderful music by Jill Knight and friends Shannon Ransom and Sheri Oden-

wald, Rick Aurrichio and Tim Hickey. Herme Lindo Casas provided pizza; Del Clegg of Cookie Crock, meat and salad; and Mike Johnson of Soto’s donated sausage.

Clint Winsor provided firewood and David “Smokey” Drew was the barbecue master. Linn’s served desserts, Shanny Covey brought the cheesecake from Robin’s and others brought homemade goodies. Clay Akey brought tables and chairs for all the attendees.

Many others participated and we thank as well those who are not named here.

We also thank Dave Congalton of KVEC for helping us get the word out to the community. The presence of each and every person there made it a perfect day that Mark will remember always.

In addition to the party on June 26, many of these same people helped put on a garage sale the weekend before. They had great assistance and generous donations from many people too numerous to mention. To all of them—we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please send your positive energy and healing thoughts and prayers Mark’s way as he continues to fight this disease.

Barbara Watson and Mark Ratto San Luis Obispo