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Letters to the Editor July 1 - 7

Speculator!? Not

R egarding Jeff Hellman’s “How do you value Cambria? — or, Value and values” Viewpoint in the June 24 Cambrian:

People owing homes in Cambria could also be looked at as “speculators,” trying to keep existing prices up by doing everything in their power to stop any more homes from being built— you know, supply and demand? You also take the attitude that unlimited number of homes will be built when you know very well what is being permitted before buildout is reached.

You also talk about “former islands of paradise” being ruined when often the main problem in these areas is tourism, NOT growth. “Water” communities are very smart, Jeff, and know what their main attraction is and are not about to ruin it.

I was born in Venice, Calif., and believe me, it was the tourists that changed that place completely, not the residents. Unfortunately, most areas also need tourism money, so I’m not certain this can ever be rectified.

My husband and I bought our lot in Cambria in 1982 and my husband will never see it developed and you know why? He died. In nearly 30 years of ownership, I am really no closer to building than we were in 1982 when a two-year waiting list was (unofficially) in place. (Actually, I am FURTHER AWAY THAN I WAS IN 1982!)

I’ll tell you what: I will be happy to sell you my Park Hill lot for a fair profit that would include my almost 30 years of taxes, tree maintenance, yearly land clearing, CCSD yearly fee, etc., etc. How about it? You would then have the option of retiring my lot.

Not to be rude, but let’s put YOUR money (instead of mine) where YOUR mouth is and see about “your value and values.”

Cambria has also had this same option for all lot owners. Do you know of anyone in Cambria who has purchased a home in this “down” market in order to sell when real estate prices increase? Speculators, Jeff, or would you like to stop them also?

The “dwelling” you live in also helped “deface and degrade” the community of Cambria. Should we tear it down, along with every other structure, so we can once again enjoy everything in its unspoiled, natural state? If not, why do you get a pass?

Lastly, this: What would you really expect us to do —walk away with our pockets turned out and forget it after the years of support we have given the community through tax dollars, etc.? Thank God for UNLOC and other groups in America that address issues such as these. This takes an enormous amount of work for people who only committed the sin of falling in love with a community and wanting, one day, to live there and be part of that beautiful, wonderful place.

Kathryn Levesque Thousand Oaks

‘Devoid of facts’

Jeff Hellman’s 435-word Viewpoint piece on valuing Cambria (June 24) is devoid of facts and full of unsubstantiated, deceptive judgments.

It’s a desperate scare piece that very few of us will buy.

Jim Ragan Cambria

‘In how many towns?’

I love Cambria. I thank my lucky stars I live here almost every day. I had a reminder the other day of just how lucky.

On returning from San Luis, Monday, June 21, I stopped for gas and discovered my credit card was not in my wallet — horrors! Where was it?

I searched everywhere and turned the house upside down on returning home. Nothing. OK, where did I use it last? Had to be the Cookie Crock the previous Friday evening after work.

I thought I might have left it at the checkout, so maybe it was found — worth a try. I spoke to Gary, who was in charge Monday evening, and asked if a card was found, where would it be? He unlocked the drawer, asked my name — and there was my card!

I could have kissed him, but gave him a hug instead. The card had a note attached, “found in parking lot.” In how many towns would that happen?

To the person who found my card and handed it in, a big THANK-YOU. And to the Cookie Crock and all the staff, a big THANK-YOU too for taking care of my card until I realized it was lost!

Alex Ferguson Cambria

‘Dr.’—not ‘Der’

I grew up in Cambria, went to high school there, knew Art Beal. Somehow folks have gotten the idea that he called himself “Der Tinkerpaw.” He called himself (among other things) “Captain Nitwit” and “ Doctor Tinkerpaw.” Just in case anyone is interested in getting it right.

Laurance Doyle Menlo Park

Thanks for support

I want to extend a mighty big thanks to everyone who voted or tried to vote for me in KSBY’s “Desperate Landscape” contest. Your thoughtfulness touched me deeply. I can’t say it any better than that. I love this town!

Heartfelt thanks,

Loreen Empey Cambria

‘Loving community’

To our loving community, A heartfelt thank-you for your hugs, prayers, flowers, love and meals at a time when we did not know what was needed. With the sudden passing of my husband “Manny,” life instantly took a new turn. We feel blessed to be a part of such a caring community.


The Juarez Family Cambria

Editor’s note: The Cambrian regrets the unintended delay in publication of the preceding letter, which we received May 1.