Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor June 24 - 30

Desal cost factors

I want to thank Vance Hyde for her letter to the editor regarding the impact of desalination on water rates (June 17, “Desal cost concerns”).

There are two cost components to desalination and all other proposed solutions to Cambria’s chronic water shortage.

Capital costs are those expenses incurred in planning, engineering and constructing a desalination plant.

Operation and maintenance costs are the ongoing costs to deliver water to Cambria Community Services District customers once the plant is built.

With federal assistance and an increase in water connection fees for new hook-ups (with total hookups not to exceed the CCSD established growth cap of 4,650 residential units), the financial impact on existing CCSD customers to build the desalination plant will be minimal.

With regard to operation and maintenance costs, we need to compare “apples to apples.” Many of the published desalination operation and maintenance (O&M) costs include amortization of capital costs (an expense passed on to the customers over the useful life of a desalination plant); others do not.

Many of the published O&M costs also include energy costs attributable to operation of a desalination plant. The Cambria desalination plant includes a solar energy feature. By reducing or eliminating the energy costs, I am confident we can produce desalinated water for approximately the same cost associated with current pumping and transmission of ground water.

If the scheduled geotechnical investigations demonstrate that desalination is feasible, the CCSD board will conduct public workshop sessions regarding construction, operation and maintenance of the plant. The board welcomes input from all of Cambria’s residents on this important project.

Greg Sanders Cambria

Editor’s note: Greg Sanders is president of the CCSD Board of Directors. A Viewpoint on desalination appears on Page 10.

Skate park stars

Hello Cambrians, I am Jason Buhl. I have been managing the Cambria Skate Park for the last five years. We held our first fundraising event June 12.

There was a skateboard competition, barbecue and raffle. I am very proud to report that our first event was a great success; we were able to raise over $2,900.

More importantly, everybody had a great time. One local 17-year-old told me it was the best day of his life! Comments like that really make me feel good.

I would like to thank a few important people; without these folk, there would have been no event.

First and foremost I would like to thank my wife, Carrie, for putting up with me and my skate park obsession; without your help and patience nothing would be possible.

My friend Dan and his wife, Lela. Dan has been my main man on all construction projects; he has put in countless hours helping to improve the park. Dan and his company LOCAL donated custom event T-shirts, skateboards and prizes for the kids. (Special thanks to Lela for all her patience.)

Also, Tony from Fortriss skateboards who helped organize, emcee and donated over 40 skateboard decks as prizes for contestants. Tony, you are awesome!

J-bone from Old Stone Station, for the classic emcee job. Smokey, Steve, Rickster and the rest of the Sons of the American Legion. Lady Tie Di and the original Cambria Skate Park conspirator. The family of Daniel Berry.

Too many helpers to mention all of them; you know who you are and I love you.

Big, big thanks to all the kids for ripping up the park and sacrificing your bodies every day; I am really proud of all of you.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the members of the community and surrounding communities for coming out and supporting our local park. I look forward to doing it again next year.

Jason Buhl Cambria