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Letters to the Editor May 6 - 12

Melissa May, self-portrait
Melissa May, self-portrait

Smoke, not mirrors

T he Air Pollution Control District has summarily dismissed the American Lung Association’s current assessment of the county's air quality (not so good) as “tricky,” even though the ALA based their findings on data from the district’s monitors.

The Tribune was quick to add their own, dismissive “soot-stained brickbat,” which they lobbed at Los Angeles, accusing L.A. of sending (air-mailing?) their pollution to San Luis Obispo.

The real tricky brick in this wall of obfuscation is the placement of said air-monitors. Few and far-between, they do not reflect the sooty entirety of county pollution.

If downtown SLO was monitored for particulate pollution (PM 2.5-10), which it isn’t, the air quality ranking would be worse. The same can be said for other communities: Cambria with its (controversial) Main Street Grill and farmers market (a paradoxical sign at the entrance forbids cigarette smoke, but not the smoke which billows unrestrained from the on-site barbecue); San Simeon, which should have clean air, has recently added even more smoke with the Big Sur California Cafe enacting an unfortunate imitiation of the Main Street Grill.

Why residents suck this up without revolt shows the level of apathy to which we have sunk—due, no doubt, to the death of brains cells from hypoxia.

M. Power Giacoletti San Simeon

HART rending

I suppose I am still reeling from the shock of Diana Duncan’s departure from the Homeless Animal Rescue Team. Her accomplishments on behalf of the cats are numerous. No question that the HART kitties are her passion and they will miss her.

One cold November day in 1999, my husband and I were strolling along the sidewalk in West Village when we came across Diana surrounded by cats in carriers.

All were up for adoption and soon we found ourselves with two sweet kitties. Now of course, the HART kitties have a lovely secure home.

It was also disappointing to discover that Laci Buck resigned from her duties at HART. I am a transporter for HART and she was enormously helpful in getting the kitties ready for transport to the vet. Also her vigilance at PetSmart in SLO was amazing. Lots of HART kitties were adopted on the weekends outside PetSmart.

I wish both Diana and Laci good luck in whatever new endeavors they choose to pursue.

Jennifer Rogers Cambria

Sound & fury

When I read the letter titled “Glen Beck and guns” (April 8), first I cringed at the writer’s use of the word “teabagger.” This is an extremely lewd term.

Then I had to laugh, as the rest of the letter appears to be one of those form letters with talking points that left-wing groups like MoveOn.orgurge their members to send to their local newspapers so they will be published on the “Letters to the Editor” page, just as if it was the writer’s own opinion.

Everything but the kitchen sink is in this letter, including numbers and statistics that have no basis in fact or reality. Perhaps the writer is one of the five or eight persons who tunes in to MSNBC and believes the lies spouted by Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow. It is absurd to blame law-abiding gun owners and Christians for attempting to destroy our democratic system of government. Our corrupt politicians and far-left president are doing a fine job of that, without our help.

But the writer’s last sentence takes the cake. In it, he claims Beck is responsible for “Murders, Mass Shootings, and Cop Executions” throughout America. What a load of hogwash!

Peter Zobian Cambria

Publish water usage

For some time now, we have been considering a possible water conservation measure which we would like to share with you.

We are not aware of any serious discussions regarding a permanent surcharge on water and sewer charges for those folks in single family situations, permanent except for those folks who demonstrate a true financial hardship.

Also it would require that everyone’s water usage be published on an annual basis. Perhaps this might encourage conservation efforts all the time, not just when we have a water shortage and the need for surcharges is implemented.

This may sound harsh, but if we truly are concerned about our inevitable water shortage, we must all pitch in.

Wayne & Marguerite Broome Cambria

Melissa’s smile

I ran into a friend at the farmers market recently who informed me of a ill-plighted mutual friend. Melissa May, 23-year-old native of Cambria and daughter of Janet and Michael May, has been diagnosed with a condition called Idiopathic Condylar Resorbtion.

Her jawbone has been deteriorating for the past six years. Today, she has no joints in her jaw. This produces an unhinged open bite, limiting the kind of food she eats. Without corrective surgery the remaining structure could dissolve completely.

When I heard this I felt a spiritual crumbling. I thought about the effect this must be having on their family and the strength needed to surmount that effect. I thought about what a wonderful smile Melissa has and the years that smile graced us at the register of the Main Street Grill.

I thought about passing Snakebite around on Michael’s 40th birthday. I thought about muddy, backyard football with Luke

and Tim and the amount of love I have for the Mays. I thought about my family and how Cambria stood by us, united, when we needed them most.

Now, I feel it’s time to stand by the Mays. The necessary corrective surgery for Melissa will cost over $50,000 dollars and is, unfortunately, not covered by insurance. If you would like to make a contribution to help Mellisa May, go to

No donation is too small or too large and every cent will go towards the cost of the procedure and helping Melissa keep her smile. This procedure involves taking bone from Melissa’s body and using it for total joint replacement of her upper and lower jaw.

Melissa surgery is scheduled for mid-July and she will fearlessly press on until that time. She is a cum laude graduate of Sonoma State University and continues her education, currently pursuing a multiple-subject teacher’s credential. In addition to being a great person, Melissa is one of our own. History and compassion suggest we take care of our own.

Paul McCall Cambria

CERT-ain someones

The Cambria Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) would like to acknowledge and thank several groups for recent donations. The donations have been used to fund a second cargo trailer with items to assist CERT members in the community during major emergencies like: earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, wind and rain storms.

The Sheriff’s Advisory Council of San Luis Obispo granted CERT money for the purchase of a second cargo trailer, provided funds for exterior trailer graphics and interior storage elements like shelves. CERT now has the trailer and is in the process of equipping it for use by members. The second trailer is located at CalFire Sta-

tion No. 10.

The Cambria Community Council gave CERT a grant to purchase a portable Honda generator for the second cargo trailer. The generator can be used to power portable lights on nighttime incidents, to power radio equipment or to run power tools. The generator is a key equipment item for the trailer and the team.

The Lions Club of Cambria made a donation to CERT for purchase of tools and equipment for use by members. The equipment is to be stored in the second cargo trailer.

CERT is an all-volunteer group of trained members who work for, and at the direction of, the Cambria Community Services Disrict Fire Department. We thank all those who have donated funding towards the second trailer. We also thank all the volunteers who work towards emergency preparedness in our community.

Norman Smyth, coordinator

Community Emergency Response Team