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Letters to the Editor April 29 - May 5

Inhumane action

I have known Diana Duncan, the head (and heart and soul) of the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART), for many years. She has selflessly devoted her life to the welfare of the rescued cats and kitten (as well as other rescued animals).

Diana used her own money to buy the facility. As a volunteer, I saw firsthand how hard Diana worked to improve the facilities at HART –all for the betterment of the animals housed there. She has done everything, from all the hands-on work of running a shelter, to writing grants to obtain funding.

Now, because of internal politics, the board has ousted Diana. I can’t imagine HART surviving without Diana. Who will put in the hours and effort that Diana has put in all these years for the meager salary the board has given her?

Ultimately, I doubt HART can survive without Diana, and the animals will pay the price. Shame on the board for putting their petty differences over the animals’ welfare.

Laurie Vallens Cambria

Unhealthy care

I too would like to add kudos to Ms. Capps’ support in enacting the most contentious, partisan, bankrupting and generally unpopular entitlement in the history of this nation. It has already been determined that the bill will not contain medical costs, will raise taxes and is fiscally unsustainable. Wow! Nice going Congress. But wait. There is “hope,” because our health care will be determined by a group of

world-case medical experts— Drs. Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

Relax, all is well.

Don Wagner Cambria

Who’ll pay?

The government just passed a bill on health care. Government-controlled health care. But did you ever wonder where the government will get the $940 billion they are estimating for this expenditure? Any government spending must eventually be paid out by the proceeds of taxation (inflation being merely a form of taxation).

So what is really happening? Government-controlled health care is being created. But what about the new houses, remodeled bathrooms or an alternative health care idea that will never come into existence because of the heightened tax burden? With our country already in an economic slump, even without another raise in taxes, is this government health care bill really such a great idea?

Dorothy Fitzgerald Cambria

Who’s Dat?

It has been a great pleasure to be part of this year’s Coast Union High School production of “Seussical the Musical.” With the exception of Pinedorado, this is the biggest stage event in Cambria.

What a joy it is to work with these very talented young people! This is an opportunity for those who are gifted in the arts to express their gifts and be part of the teamwork that it takes for a show of this magnitude. These fine performers have accomplished one of the most difficult shows they’ve done, in considerably less time than previous years, and all of them have maintained a high degree of academic standards.

Aiding in this achievement has been monumental support from parents and the community. The producers brought together a great director, a well-led orchestra and a fine technical crew, while also creating colorful costumes and sets. The professional lighting has been loaned by a generous Cambrian.

This has been a remarkable community effort, but the educational opportunities afforded these fine young men and women surpasses it all, and they have risen to the occasion like the champions they are.

“The WHOS”: Al Curtice, Ruth Fleming, Mark O’Bryan, Lloyd Oksen, Mary Schwalbe and Jill Turnbow Cambria

Thank you, Father Mark

I want to thank Father Mark of Santa Rosa Catholic Church for the most important sermon I have ever heard from the pulpit this last Sunday.

A man to listen to.

Bill Mueller Cambria

Helping us help you

The Cambria Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) would like to acknowledge and thank several groups for recent donations. The donations have been used to fund a second cargo trailer with items to assist CERT members in the community during major emergencies like: earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, wind and rain storms.

The Sheriff’s Advisory Council of San Luis Obispo granted CERT money for the purchase of a second cargo trailer, provided funds for exterior trailer graphics and interior storage elements like shelves. CERT now has the trailer and is in the process of equipping it for use by members. The second trailer is located at CalFire Station No. 10.

The Cambria Community Council gave CERT a grant to purchase a portable Honda generator for the second cargo trailer. The generator can be used to power portable lights on night time incidents, to power radio equipment or to run power tools. The generator is a key equipment item for the trailer and the team.

The Cambria Lions Club donated to CERT for purchase of tools and equipment for use by members. The equipment is to be stored in the second cargo trailer.

CERT is an all-volunteer group of trained members who work for, and at the direction of, the Cambria Community Services District Fire Department. We thank all those who have donated funding towards the second trailer. We also thank all the volunteers who work towards emergency preparedness in our community.

Norman Smyth, coordinator

Cambria Community Emergency Response Team

Words of witdom

Re: Haiku.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old at a family reunion breakfast my aunt spotted me taking a big tablespoon of sugar for my cereal. She leaned over and said:

Haiku (I guess)

“Sugar, sweetie, is the doctor’s

bread and butter, honey.”

She was from Beverly Hills and knew a lot of actresses.

Brooke Harvey San Simeon