Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor April 8 - 14

Agrees on cell need

I agree with Stephen Pullin’s viewpoint as expressed in “What kind of place could, should Cambria be?” (Cambrian, April 1)

I maintain a cell phone for security and safety. My landline continues to have poor reception every time it rains and when my service is out, it would be nice to have a mobile at home that works. Having no cell phone service in Cambria is laughable.

In March, I spent two weeks traveling from Moscow to Vladivostok, and nowhere along the Trans-Siberian route was I ever unable to contact relatives to inform them all was well.

Pat Bunyard Cambria

To all who love dogs

Last Sunday, having lunch out in one of our favorite restaurants, sitting outside in the sunshine, we saw a couple come in with a beautiful large dog and they sat next to our table with him. I asked our hostess, ‘Have we finally changed the rules and let dogs come and sit next to their owner in an outside setting?’ She said “no,” only for service dogs. Well, it triggered a long-time disappointment for me that “well-behaved” dogs cannot sit next to their owners if the owner is eating outside.

Shortly after this, a young woman came into our patio and held the cutest little dog — fuzzy ears and fuzzy tail. Almost immediately she came back and had to put him in the car. He looked after her through the window with the saddest left-behind look you can just imagine. She did not stay too long. I told her I was sorry.

Please let me know — people in Cambria, San

Simeon and the county — what you think about dogs that are well-behaved (many times we have to put up with screaming and not well-behaved children and the parents don’t take them away) to let them sit by the table of their owner outside on patios and decks.

Can Cambria and surrounding areas join Carmel and Europe, where almost all restaurants accept dogs, especially outside? Let’s include our little critters that show us unconditional love in our life in and outside of our home. Please, if you feel like my husband Ron and I, write and let’s change and welcome our best friend the dog at our outside luncheons.

Helga Crummitt Cambria

Irina and the PPP

I was very touched by a phone message left to me by Jim Buckley of the Pewter Plough Playhouse, expressing his deepest condolences about the passing of my mother, Irina Wilson. He thought it was quite a bio that we had put together for the obit last week, and expressed disappointment that we hadn’t included more about her great theatrical involvement at the beginning of the Pewter Plough. He raved that “she was such a Leading Lady,” and I must agree. That she certainly was.

I recall coming up for visits when she was involved in one play or another, but especially the time she had the starring role in “Ladies in Retirement”. My father Art was so enthused and proud of her, and raved how she had to break down and cry in the last act, and do this three nights a week for the full run! It was sweet to see my father falling in love yet again with my mother.

I also remember stories of how she was quite hard to live with during the run of “The Little Foxes.” She has wonderful albums of programs, photos and newspaper features of all the plays in which she was involved.

More recently, during the past three years when my husband, Daniel D. Harris, and I were caregiving for Irina after her stroke, Daniel had a role in “Love Town” and I brought her to a performance. It was so charming to see JB sharing remembrances with her from “Mornings at Seven.”

Although my mother could not speak since her stroke, her theatrical background largely helped our communication, as she was so good with her gestures. I am likewise very impressed with the astuteness of

Jim Buckley today. It is obvious that all the years of memorizing lines can sharpen the mind immensely.

I certainly hope that the Pewter Plough will see a long-lasting future and get the funding it needs. There are many brilliant young actors in this town who should see this wonderful outlet of the PPP live on.

Victoria A. Harris Cambria

A place of solace

For many Americans, including many living locally, the current economic climate is one that has brought great stress and anxiety. Coping with job loss, foreclosures, mounting bills and the ripple effects of each on an individual or family can be difficult and overwhelming; and a real challenge to one’s peace of mind.

At St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, a great meditative resource is tucked away on the east side of our campus. Our Quiet Garden and Labyrinth, complete with benches, a peaceful fountain, beautiful native plants, and resource guides, are designed to provide temporary respite from life’s burdens and spiritual renewal through meditation, against the backdrop of green rolling hills.

Anyone and everyone searching for solace are welcome in our Garden. The Labyrinth and Quiet Garden are open from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. We hope you will visit them soon and often.

Father Fred Heard Rector Cambria

Education group starts up

Welcome to a new non-profit organization within our unique town of Cambria. The organization is Education Advocacy of the Central Coast. You may have recently read an article, “Suspected Learning Disabilities,” in the Central Coast Family News written by our Executive Director Brad Bailey, M.A. Ed.

Our board has now been in existence for one and-a-half years. Our mission is to provide education advocacy services for all general education and special needs students and their families, regardless of their financial situations.

We work with professionals and agencies that provide a wide assortment of support services. We believe all children have the right to grow academically, socially and emotionally in their educational settings.

Our board is extremely proud of Brad Bailey’s assistance to over 600 families in our county. He has provided them with an opportunity to receive compassionate, professional assistance in enhancing relationships between the family, student and school towards solutions.

Contacts may be made at our website:,or telephone 927-5889.

Patrice Wyse board president Cambria

Allied Arts shines for kids

I’m so grateful to live in Cambria. It is no exaggeration when people point out how unique it is on so many levels. The Youth Art Month Show (March) at the Old Grammar School was another great example of how this community came together and did something special and altruistic.

It started with the Allied Arts Association following its mission to foster and encourage the arts in our community. They really walked the walk on this event. Youth from grades K-12th were encouraged to participate in a month long art show to celebrate National Youth Art Month. The teachers, parents and children all worked to bring it all together for a spectacular month of pure creative expression of our youth. It could not have happened without the hard working devoted members of Allied Arts that all pitched in to tape up and re-tape over 500 pieces of artwork. I cannot thank everyone enough for all of their help. I am very proud and grateful to be a member of this unique and caring community.

Suzette Morrow Cambria

Glenn Beck and guns

Glenn Beck is Fox News’ Teabagger-in-Chief and the pundit who called President Barack Obama a “racist who hates white people” with owner Rupert Murdoch’s approval, while both refused to cite any alleged evidence whatsoever in support of this egregious and slanderous lie.

Glenn and Fox News are now aligning themselves with the guntotin’ yahoos packing heat all over

our country and our national parks while over-caffeinating themselves at Starbucks from coast-to-coast. Armed right-wing gun nuts and white supremacist and so-called “Christian” militia groups are seething with hatred and violence and vowing to destroy our democratic system of government.

Glenn Beck proudly proclaims “I carry a gun. I mean, I know people that (sic) carry guns all the time. Concealed weapons permit holders are responsible, for the love of Pete. I don’t know any of them that have ever been in a shootout.”

Yes, concealed carry permit holders have been “responsible” alright. They have been “responsible” for dozens of shootouts throughout America, killing at least nine law enforcement officers and at least 142 private citizens, including 15 of these concealed carry gunfighters who have also shot themselves to death in their reckless Wild West shootouts.

They are just getting warmed up. Beck’s self-promoting “Guns, Gold and God” is manifesting throughout America as “Murders, Mass Shootings and Cop Executions.”

D. Duane Wall II Cambria