Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor March 25 - 31

‘Get on with it’

I love my frequent visits to Cambria and have been following the recent articles about the desalination plant with interest. I certainly agree with the “Do not let fear or greed rule the day” comment in the Viewpoint by Valerie Bentz (Feb. 11, “Fiscal, environmental cost too high”).

Then a recent letter (March 4, “Non-madeup facts”) includes a laundry list of harmful chemicals that appears to be trying to scare everybody. I noticed the Pacific Institute is careful in its wording with a lot of “can contain,” “may also cause,” “may result,” etc. Heck, my local water company (San Jose Water Co.) publishes its water chemistry and it includes a lot of scary stuff, but only in trace amounts that are judged acceptable by the health authorities. Without listing the concentrations, a list of chemicals is useless.

I believe a better approach is to look at actual desalination plants built using current technology such as the Kwinana plant or the Kurnell plant in Australia. There have been a few mechanical problems but no reports of death plumes at the discharge. Water chemistry is proven to be manageable.

Desalination water is expensive but the past studies recommend desalination as the best choice to resolve the water crisis. Building reservoirs may sound attractive, but if the test-well drilling is an indication, any attempt to disturb the earth will be protested. Who knows where you may find the only habitat for the crusted nose nematode (a yet-to-be discovered worm).

It’s hard to believe a responsible community would let any crisis go on for nearly 20 years. It appears to an outsider that Cambria doesn’t care if it is ever resolved, or maybe there isn’t such a big problem after all. I believe Cambria should get on with the desalination project or just declare the water crisis over.

Tom Gleason Monte Sereno

Should abide by law

I have been reviewing various letters from different federal and state agencies written to the Cambria Community Services District about the district’s plan to drill desalination test wells in the Santa Rosa Creek beach and lagoon and Shamel Park area. Here is a summary of what some of those agencies say about the district’s claim that the test wells will not effect Cambria’s wildlife and its environment:

I believe every Cambria resident should contact the CCSD board now and insist they protect Cambria’s unique and fragile environment by following the law and the spirit of the law when making decisions about desalination for this community.

Stevan Rosenlind Cambria

Not just for kids

I encourage my fellow Cambrians to attend the current high school play, “Seussical,” this weekend if you haven’t already seen it. Some tickets are still available at the Cambria Chamber of Commerce and at the high school office, I’m told.

I was blown away by the opening night performance — the kids just nailed it. And friends tell me other performances were superb, too.

While “Seussical may appear to be for children,” the show, like Dr. Seuss’s books, deals with universal themes that adults relate to as well.

After the show, my partner said, “I wouldn’t want to see an adult professional production. It wouldn’t be as good; it would ruin it.” I promise, you’ll be impressed and leave happy.

John Ruml Cambria

‘Absolute must-see’

I had the pleasure of being an audience member this past weekend at the high school drama production of “Seussical.” I came away feeling amazed and inspired by the talented student actors and musicians in this wonderful community. I’ve heard it said that because “Seussical” is based on the works of Dr. Seuss it’s probably a show for a younger crowd.

Please do not make the mistake of missing this show because you think it’s just for kids. I assure you it is not. I believe that everything we need to know about life can be learned from the wise and wonderful Dr. Seuss, and this production reminded me of that over and over again.

“Seussical” offers plenty of opportunities for self-reflection. The show is brimming with messages of hope, limitless possibility, loyalty and perseverance. Of course, this is all stuff we know—but how wonderful it is to be reminded in that whimsical and witty rhyme that only a master like Dr. Seuss can pull-off.

This production is filled with youthful energy and is an absolute must-see for the young and young at heart. Please don’t miss the chance to be awed and inspired by these amazing student actors and community members who join together to create something


“Seussical” will remind you of why we are all so lucky to be a part of an incredible community like Cambria.

Heather Stephenson Cambria