Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor March 18 to 24

Cambria’s future?

R egarding Betty Gatto’s letter to the editor (March 4, “Surely dying”): I found the questions she raises about the future of living and working in Cambria to be very valid questions. Tom Brokaw’s TV special on Baby Boomers addressed the fact that, as Boomers, we’ve spent more than we earned, saved and invested less, and will work longer and incur higher medical costs. All this will hit the U.S. economy in the next decade.

If this picture plays out the way it’s projected, Cambria will have fewer full-time residents and more rentals. Businesses will struggle and close and new businesses won’t open due to questionable sustainability.

My husband and I purchased our home in 2001 and moved here full-time a year ago. We are not retired. Our move here is an experiment to see if we can continue to bring in income by working out of our home doing life and business coaching, consulting and writing.

Our ability to take this risk was due to our plan to live simply and stay out of debt. We are the exception.

Most of our friends in their late 50s-early 60s living elsewhere plan to stay put and work full-time for many years to come.

What’s the upside? We can be forward thinking and explore changes for Cambria that will continue to give us the serene life we enjoy here, but encourage younger people to move here full-time.

Care to meet us for a latte to generate some new ideas? You can e-mail us at,or call 927- 3347.

Sheryl Bullock Cambria


My sweet little cat was killed today by a dog that was not on a leash. His owner did not have control of this dog.

What I saw this dog do to my cat, nobody should see.

“Peanut” was her name. We all love our pets, and letting your dog run free should be done at the dog park.

I know it was just a cat that always gets to run free (but no more).

Please leash your dogs.

Marcia Smith Cambria

Free meals for seniors

The Senior Nutrition Program of San Luis Obispo County is pleased to announce a $5,000 grant from the Cambria Community Council Open Heart Foundation. Executive Director Elias Nimeh lauded the commitments and funding by local municpalities, like Cambria, as an integral part of their annual budgets.

The funds we receive will go toward the purchase of food to prepare and serve the seniors in the Cambria Community. Senior Nutrition Program will provide more than 7,000 meals to over 80 seniors in Cambria this year, and will serve over 160,000 meals county-wide.

The program provides hot noon-time meals to those 60 years of age and older, free of charge, in nine dining rooms, and delivery to homebound seniors in the county through a network of 200 volunteers.

For more information, please contact Senior Nutrition Program at 541- 3312.

Elias Nimeh, site manager

Senior Nutrition Program

College tour thanks

On behalf of the students of Coast Union High School’s 2010 college tour, I would like to thank the Cambria Community Council and CUHS Boosters for helping to fund this year’s trip to Northern California.

The tour is an annual event hosted by the California Scholastic Federation to give future CUHS graduates an opportunity to visit and tour colleges and universities in our state. Our faculty advisor, Jennifer Duarte, was instrumental in the success of our three-day experience.

I would like to extend a special thank-you to Allied Arts, who helped fund our admission to “Wicked” at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco. For many students it was their first exposure to professional

theater, and it was a memorable experience.

(Editor’s note: See photo, Page 32.)

Connor Cunningham Cambria

Dream come true

A heartfelt thank you to visionary community activist Susan McDonald and all the loyal volunteers at the Guthrie-Bianchini House. My March 6 book signing was wonderful, thanks to their untiring work. I am happy that we were able to raise some funds for the G-B House and gardens.

I loved visiting with old friends and new, and I loved knowing that what was once only a dream for so many of us is now a reality. The house and gardens are a huge asset for Cambria for generations to come.

Sharon Lovejoy (once a Cambrian always a Cambrian)

San Luis Obispo