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Letters to the Editor Feb. 11 - 17

Local helps Haiti

S ome of you Cambrians may know Brent Hopkins: he was a chiropractor here in town for many years but is trained as a nurse and he is fundraising for his trip to Haiti (leaving this week!). His wife, Monie, owns New Moon (women’s clothing), and they raised three sons here (one still at Coast Union High School, one in college, one working). Here is his letter (please take time to read and help out with anything you can: even a few dollars would help!) — pass along to others in your address book and thanks!

Marcelle Bakula Cambria

“Family and friends,

“I will be leaving for Haiti on Feb. 11 for two weeks; camping in the walled Sisters of Salesia Convent/School area in Jacmel, with the first group of 30 other ‘Flight to Crisis’ volunteers, ages 19 to 61, from Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Israel, the Ukraine and the United States. The Canadian Military, and the United Nations with its multinational force, have a presence in the Jacmel area to provide coordination, security, assistance, and to escort relief supply deliveries.

“I will utilize my skills as a nurse, as well as help in any other way that I can to relieve some of the suffering the Haitian people have experienced since the Jan. 12 earthquake. I am seeking donations to help me with the cost of my expenses (flight and provisions) and for supplies for both the Haitians and other volunteers. I’m sure that many of you may have already contributed to the Haitian relief effort in some manner. If you have the resources and would like to contribute in a more personal manner, I would appreciate the help. To donate, you can either mail a check directly to me, or go to flighttocrisisbrent . you would like info for tax purposes, I can get that for you.

“The organization I am involved with, Flight to Crisis, is dedicated to organizing relief flights to Haiti, made up of teams of what they are terming first responders, which includes physicians, nurses, medical technicians, clergy, engineers, former military, and translators. Their mission is to provide services and deliver critical medical, building and nutritional supplies to nine charities on the ground in some of the most dire Haitian locations.

“I want to share a supportive article from the Huffington Post, which will provide you with some excellent insight into the background and evolution of our growing movement: http://bit . ly/cv8exZ.

“Again, thank you for any support you can offer. It will make a difference.”

Brent Hopkins Cambria

Thanks to workers

I would like to say thank you to all the folks from PG&E, AT&T and all of the tree services for the excellent and speedy job restoring our utilities, often under very difficult and dangerous circumstances. Yeah!

In respect to safety, I feel a new cell tower is not needed in our preserve. Current coverage offered by a major provider seems to reach all of Cambria except a few locations along Main Street and Highway 1 north between Burton Drive and the bottom of the grade.

Bradley Zane Cambria

Shower singing star

“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.”

It was such a kick to hear that line — and that line only — from “My Fair Lady,” without any comment at all, from the creative DJ at KTEA. This was during his homage to rain on Friday, Feb. 5, early rainy Friday.

His collection was reminiscent of so many sunny occasions, during my bathroom ballroom, and it made me think of how right-on Lady Tie Di is in her column telling us to sing out loud when we feel like it.

Well, I wouldn’t argue with the idea that music makes it all worthwhile.

James Buckley Cambria