Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor Feb. 4 to 10

Safety first

S ubject: Concerns and solutions to mitigate service outages.

The storms from Jan. 17 to 22 certainly created much frustration, anger, etc. towards our various providers of electric, Internet, telephone, and TV services, and to large degree this hostility was understandable.

However, whenever we have storms of this magnitude, there will always be outages. We just have to live with this situation. I believe it was 15 years ago we had a storm which created outages of the magnitude we recently experienced.

Although we have to endure such inconveniences, we don’t have to, in this day and age, tolerate lack of telephone service. Adequate cell phone service could have eased our frustrations considerably — and possibility saved lives. Imagine having a loved one needing medical attention at 2 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 20, and having to wake up neighbors to find one with a workable telephone and call 911, or driving into Cambria to find a telephone.

Lack of cell phone capability in this town is simply not acceptable.

I do not believe environmental considerations should play a part in obtaining adequate cell phone service. (And I add, as my opinion, environmental issues on this subject are just “a phantom” argument.)

Philip B. Allen Cambria

1 step forward, 2 back

Regarding replacing the very old Main Street bridge over Santa Rosa Creek (near Santa Rosa Creek Road):

We shouldn’t approve this. Heck no! We don’t need a new bridge! This one has functioned perfectly well for at least seven decades. It’s practically new, if you consider it’s not as old as most of the folks who use it. Next thing ya know, these types of people will want to ... to ... paint a darn stripe down the very center of our pristine Main Street! Probably try to put a sidewalk in!

In the dark of night, I’m sure they’d even try to sneak a light pole onto our Main Street. Is nothing sacred?

People who want bridges, lights and paved roads should go back to the city! I say, heck no! Let them put the darn bridge in their own city — see how that feels! Don’t let them do it — there’s no telling how far they'll go after getting a taste of this!

Please join us for our February meeting regarding our Moonstone Drive demands: “Returning Moonstone Drive to a dirt road — the way God meant it to be.”

March agenda: How to increase water rates and collapse the Cambria Community Services District with continued and much greater legal costs (regarding desal) in order to stop the Cambria desalination plant.

Remember, remember, we’re not crazy, we’re not crazy—we just want no thing, no matter the costs, no matter the effects, no matter the results. Gosh, this is fun!

Steve Cole, chairperson Proud of Cambria Committee ( “Any step forward is two steps further from paradise”)

Thanks — again

I would like to express thanks to all who contributed to the recent barbecue fundraiser for the benefit of Dan McDonald, CPA, on Jan. 23. We had a fantastic turnout with over 200 dinners sold.

The money collected will go a long way to helping the McDonald family while Dan is recovering. A huge thanks goes to Steve Kniffen and Legion crew. These guys really come through for this community, time and time again.

A very special thanks goes to all who helped prepare and serve the food with lots of smiles, bad jokes and good vibes. I would like to thank the corporate sponsors that donated to pay for the food that was prepared. And, of course, all the hungry customers, many of which donated more than the cost of their meal.

It is such a great thing that we can all come together to help one another for no other reward than to fuel the goodness in your heart. Thanks to all.

Mike O’Sullivan & Pat Hampton Cambria