Cambrian: Opinion

Letters to the Editor Jan. 28 to Feb. 3

Future potluck

N ow that the Copenhagen Climate Change meetings are over, many have asked about the future of the Cambria 350 Climate Action Group. While we have several ambitions, there is one immediate goal I’d like to discuss in this letter: The 350 Group hopes to get to know and work with other Cambrians who are concerned about local and global environmental issues.

To that end, we are joining our environmentally concerned neighbors in monthly potlucks at the Cambria Connection. These meetings are not specifically 350 meetings, but rather gatherings where a variety of Cambrians can come to discuss an array of environmental issues. Those involved—many of whom are well-established and committed local

environmentalists — hope to grow a base of environmentally concerned Cambrians, who can then engage in regular discussions about ways to be more ecologically informed, more effective in protecting the coast and forest we love, and more visible. We also hope to develop ways to get important environmental information out to the community at large.

The inaugural potluck will be at 4 p.m. Feb. 13 at the Cambria Connection, 870 Main St. (just west of the Cambria Library). All who are interested in the ideas stated above are invited.

Please, bring a dish, your own table settings and a friend, if you wish. Come join us. We look forward to your company and your ideas.

For more information please send me an e-mail:

Stevan Rosenlind The Cambria 350 Climate Action Group

Spirits undampened

Most of us know we are blessed to live in a truly caring community. During Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service, we conducted a neighborhood food drive by passing out market bags on Saturday and picking up the filled bags on Monday.

The downpour on Monday may have drenched many of those who participated, but it did not dampen any spirits.

First, I need to thank Bill Hughes and Jim Rogers, who took over when I fell ill. And I must thank Roe and Gary Allen and their new neighbors, Elaine and Jim Crescenzi, Judy and Ed Mandler, Sydney and Doug Barker, Trudy Chapman, Ann and Erv Rodgers, Bert Maxted, Tom Parsons, Joseph Hilden, Dave Viney, Barbara Crowley and Muril Clift for braving the elements to bring in much-needed food for those in our community who are suffering during this economic downturn.

I also need to thank The Cambrian and KTEA-FM, Kim Maston and Amanda Rice for helping to publicize the event. This is the first year Cambria participated in the Foodbank Coalition neighborhood food drive and we look forward to expanding our participation next year.

Art Chapman Cambria

‘Good work’

We enjoyed Kathe Tanner’s piece (Jan. 21, “Woulda if we coulda”) about not being able to get everything done. We have been reading her excellent articles for years and we’ve always wondered how she could get so much accomplished every week.

Now she says she sometimes does “... as many as 15 to 20 stories in a week.” We would have thought that this was at least twice as much as any human could do!

In spite of it all, Kathe’s articles are well researched and almost never contain any inaccuracies. Even when they do, the errors are trivial.

Keep up the good work, Kathe. Life in Cambria wouldn’t be the same without you.

Bev and Jerry Praver Official Town Criers of San Luis Obispo County

Bill of Corp. rights

Today, Jan. 21, Chief Justice John Roberts’ Supreme Court destroyed the basis of the United States of America’s democracy, which had always been “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

The Supreme Court’s ruling that free speech rights, which had belonged to American citizens only, now belong also to corporations. This ruling means that corporations can now freely and without regulation contribute any amount of money whatsoever to politicians.

From this day forward, every politician will be completely 100 percent bought and sold, and fully owned, by the wealthiest corporations in the United States. Your vote will be irrelevant, as every political office, from President to dog catcher, will be selected by their corporate masters.

And every elected official, to a degree 1,000 times the way it already is today, will function as a “wholly-owned subsidiary” of the corporation which has purchased them. A million dollars, a billion dollars, it will not matter, for the return will be trillions of dollars and the freedom to wage their absolute will, resulting in the permanent demise of our cherished democracy.

Henceforth, it is “government of the people, by the corporations, and for the corporations.” America and Americans, rest in peace.

D. Duane Wall II Cambria