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Culinary Corner: Doffing the toque

Editor’s note: It is with regret that The Cambrian shares this notice about the (temporary, we hope) cessation of Culinary Corner’s appearance in these pages. We are gladdened, though, to have been able to share Consuelo Macedo’s love of cooking and community with our readers since April 13, 2000, and look forward to whatever contributions we’re able to coax out of her in the future.

Dear Readers,

In my New Year's column I spoke of meeting the challenges ahead. So, at this time I find that I will best be served if I set aside my toque and “Great Kitchens of Cambria” apron for the time being.

You can be sure I will still be in there cooking, and relaxing by clipping coupons, recipes and cartoons for my grandkids. I look forward to reading The Cambrian each week with a nice warm “cup-pa” until we have the opportunity to chat about such things as the Golden Spurtle, Chinese New Year of the Tiger, and contemplating the navel orange — all topics noted on my calendar. (See Google for details.)

Continue to eat healthily, and God Bless.

Consuelo Macedo

Happy Hill