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Cambrian Letters to the Editor, Nov. 19-25

Sad, but necessary

After an enjoyable and enlightening eight months, I will be leaving the job of Cambria Historical Museum director on Friday, Nov. 20. I recently announced my resignation to the Cambria Historical Society Board of Directors. I plan to continue to volunteer for CHS and have offered to serve as a member of the board. I fully support the organization and the wonderful museum CHS members have created.

My reason for leaving is purely financial. At this time, I need more income than the part-time museum director job offers. The supplemental freelance work I’ve been doing to fill the gap in income has increased to the point that I am unable to fulfill the director’s responsibilities at the museum. Something had to give, so I made the difficult decision to leave the museum job.

I want to thank the Cambria Historical Society board and members, wonderful museum volunteers and the community for your support as we worked to get the museum up and running. I look forward to continuing the effort as a volunteer.

Susan McDonald


Good time, good works

As co-chairmen of the Rotary Club of Cambria’s largest fundraiser, we would like to take the time to thank all the individuals who helped make out annual FUNdraiser, Viva Las Vegas! casino night on Oct. 10, a tremendous success. With everyone’s help, most of whom are local Cambrians, we were able to raise almost $45,000!

First and foremost, we wish to thank the donors. The donations we received generated about 75 percent of our total proceeds. The tremendous generosity from our community is inspiring.

Second, we would like to thank the attendees for having fun and supporting our benefit. Your support was felt via buying tickets, as well as all the fabulous donations. Without our guests, VIVA! would not have all the fun, energy, and laughter for which it has become known.

We would like to thank our phenomenal Rotary Club, without whom there would be no event. Everyone worked like a well-oiled machine, some working tirelessly to make VIVA! one of Cambria’s best annual fundraisers.

Over the next year, the Cambria Rotary Club will put 100 percent of the net proceeds towards our local and international programs.

Local programs include:

International programs include:

Finally, we would like to thank these businesses for their generous donations of food and beverages for our event: Cookie Crock Market, Sea Chest Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant, Indigo Moon, Black Cat Bistro, Madeline’s, Classic Wines, Richard Simons, Robin’s Restaurant, and the French Corner Bakery.

See you next October!

Jane Howard and Bob Kasper, co-chairmen


Postage un-do

We would like to say that the Cambria Post Office staff has given an entirely new meaning to “Going Postal.” Our business requires a lot of mail correspondence and our office assistants are usually having to go into the post office five days a week, so we have a lot of interaction with the staff there. In the course of our 17 years of doing business, we have had some funny postal mishaps, including accidentally putting our bank deposit in the drive-up mail bin.

About two weeks ago, we were short-staffed and had a temp come to help us out for a day. She posted up our outgoing letters and ran them to the post office in the usual manner. About 15 minutes after she dropped off the letters, we got a phone call from the post office asking if we meant to put Priority Mail stamps ($4.95 each) on the seven letters we were mailing out? The answer was “no way!”

Juanita kindly peeled off the $4.95 stamps and replaced them with the usual 44-cent stamps and returned to us fresh Priority Mail stamps and we happily paid her the $3.08 due; thus saving us $31.57.

As this was not a huge amount of money, she could easily have overlooked it and let the letters go through. But she actually took the time and picked up the phone to help us out, like you would if it were to happen to a friend or family member. Thank you Juanita for showing us that “Going Postal” can be a good thing!

Diana O’Regan, on behalf of the

Staff at San Simeon Travel, Cambria