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Cambrian Letters to the Editor, Oct. 8, 2015

Paramedic commentary clarified

I  would like to respond and clarify the “No paramedic risk” letter to the editor by Barbara Bronson Gray in the Sept. 24 issue of the Cambrian.  

My statement in the Sept. 17 issue referred to the potential loss of paramedics in the Cambria Fire Department, not a total loss of this service in Cambria. The CCHD paramedics and the Cambria Fire Department paramedics work as a team and complement each other in emergency medical responses in Cambria. 

By no means was it my intention to mislead anyone. My statement could have and should have been more accurate. Both CCHD and the Cambria Fire Department paramedics are highly qualified and perform a valuable service to our community. We need and deserve both. Sorry for the misunderstanding, and I apologize for the lack of clarity.

Jerry Wood


How to donate bikes

Unfortunately, the contact information for Bikes for Tikes was inadvertently excluded in my Letter to the Editor last week. Those wishing to donate or find out more information should go online to

We refurbish unwanted bikes and distribute them to needy children and adults throughout the county.  

I do not accept cash donations but can always use bikes new or used of all sizes and helmets. I am hopeful that some of you who are reading this will donate your used bike or perhaps a new bike to Bikes for Tikes. If you would like a copy of the Letter to the Editor article that was in the Cambrian last week I would be pleased to provide it.

Thank you again.

James Ellman

Bikes for Tikes, Cambria

Keep fire department local

I have worked for and with both the Cambria Fire Department and Cal Fire, with a total of 33 years of fire experience. I don’t think this is the time to replace our local fire personnel.

Because Cal Fire won’t submit the cost of operating the Cambria Fire Department until the Cambria Community Services District has signed a service agreement, there is no way to know if it will save money. Would you buy a new car, sign all the paperwork to purchase it and then have the dealer tell you what it cost?

In 1978, the CCSD absorbed the Cambria Fire Protection District and began receiving its general property tax funds. Where are these funds being spent now?

Are general property tax funds and fire suppression assessment fees being used for nonessential funding, East-West Ranch, Vets Hall maintenance, that are not public health and safety concerns?

Cambria has a unique street system. We must rely on fire personnel who have hands-on experience. Who better than local Cambria Fire personnel.

We need a fire chief who is here five days a week, not a shared chief officer.

What happens to Cambria Fire personnel if Cal Fire takes over? Will they be thrown under the bus as a thank you for their hard work?

Perhaps we need a general manager who will work with the Fire Department, not want to contract out so he won’t be bothered with it.

I think every board member should have to spend a shift at the Fire Department to better understand how it operates.

Walter Fitzhugh


Consult vote results in filling seat

It seems to me the only fair and democratic means of filling the Clift director’s seat is to ask someone who ran for the position and who has the most votes if they would like the directorship. Otherwise, we would have a director who is appointed by a board that is already troubled and could be seeking to appoint a “yes” person for their own use.

The democratic process is in total jeopardy in this town when it comes to our water. We, the residents, have become income flows, and unless we retain our voting rights, that is what we will be in the future as our water facilities become privatized and used for other purposes, leaving us out of the picture — except to fund everything. If everyone shows up at the next CCSD meeting or “special” meeting, maybe we can find our way back to being a town that has the power to guide its directors and the county.

Lauren Younger


Boston Marathon success

Greetings From Boston.

Hope everyone is doing well and in good health.  

I’m aching all over after finishing today’s Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Although this is a walking marathon, you still have to go the same distance as a running marathon, a full 26.2 miles!  

It was cold this morning when I went to downtown Boston at 4:30 a.m. to catch a large bus to the start site, as I did in 2008 when I ran the Boston Marathon. I started today’s walk at 6:20 a.m. and finished at 2:30 p.m., and it was a tough challenge for me, since I had never walked such a long distance for so many hours.  

I’m so glad I was able to finish this special marathon for such an important and needed cause, the Jimmy Fund! This event raises the most money of any single-day walk in the nation. 

I have been very fortunate to have strong support and generous donations.  At many points along the marathon route, there were large posters with children who have been treated at Boston’s Danna Farber Cancer Institute. One poster had a 7-year-old boy named Abel! 

The day was sunny and warm, but not too hot.  It was a very well-organized event with many walkers, including children. I have many aches and pains, but mostly I’m glad that I finished another fundraising marathon. Not long ago, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to accomplish such a physically demanding eight-hour ordeal.

I appreciate all the support, best wishes, generosity and prayers that gave me the strength and determination to finish the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk.

Abel Martinez


Remembering Morem

Bill Morem was a longtime friend, and he was someone who would always lend an ear. He was a master of words and sentiment, he loved his grandson adoringly and spoke about what a blessing it was to have a grandson. 

Bill was without a doubt the best editor and writer The Tribune has ever had, and he will be missed dearly. 

He indeed did have a way with words. Once when moderating a political candidates meeting, he accused me of frothing at the mouth, which made me laugh, and I responded I was not rabid. 

Such were the encounters of the many hats Bill wore throughout his journalistic career. It grieves me deeply to see such a fine person of a man leave us. God bless him and may he rest in peace.

Alan Martyn 

Los Osos