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Cambrian Letters to the Editor, July 9, 2015

Protest CCHD vote

What is the purpose of the three trustees of the Cambria Community Health District that wish to discuss removal of CCHD officers?

The proposal to discuss removal of officers at the next meeting of the CCHD is contrary to Section 9.1 of the bylaws, which states officers should rotate from year to year. What is also disturbing is that there are only four more months before officers would rotate anyway.

According to The Cambrian, trustee Robert Putney stated that the board’s leadership “appears adversarial to our employees.” This apparently was in reference to recent questions about overtime. Employee welfare is important. Nevertheless, who will be concerned about the welfare of the taxpayers? Property owners have voted in the past to increase their property taxes to fund the Healthcare District. An important function of the CCHD trustees is to care for the resultant property and assets of the CCHD for the benefit of the taxpayers of the district.

This brings up an additional question: Is the district going to be a health care district that assists in providing doctors, dentists and urgent care, and continually assesses the health care needs of the community, or is it just going to be an emergency ambulance service?  

Removal of officers Barbara Bronson Gray and Michael McLaughlin does not serve the community. I urge concerned Cambrians to attend the CCHD meeting at 6 p.m. July 28 at Rabobank to protest this action.

Paul Carlson


‘Midterm coup’

On Monday, June 29 I attended the daylong Cambria Community Healthcare District’s Board of Trustees Strategic Workshop. Under the guidance of professional facilitator Bill Chiat, I was encouraged to hear CCHD trustees uniformly commit to conduct their business in a civil and respectful manner.  

However, as they say, the proof is always in the pudding. If, because of some perceived past slights, trustees Robert Putney, Kristi Jenkins and Mary Anne Meyer go forward at the July 28 board meeting and remove duly elected President Mike McLaughlin and Vice President Barbara Bronson Gray midway through their one-year terms, then the workshop was for naught and we have wasted a lot of time and taxpayer money for nothing.  

CCHD board: Please adhere to your commitments to Mr. Chiat, put aside your midterm coup and get on with the important business at hand. Reach out for public input and develop a sound and supportable strategic plan to improve health care services for your constituents.

Mark Rochefort


Fewer butts

Our Unitarian Universalist (UU) group picked up the trash on Highway 46 this Monday, and there were considerably less cigarette butts. Nice job, Cambrian smokers. Keep it up.

Sue and Mike Davis, Mary Schwalbe and Rhaelyn Bonham


Needless delays

Cambria Community Services District board members have known that Fire Chief Mark Miller planned to retire for more than a year. They have deliberately ignored this pressing need for a leader in Cambria’s independent firefighting organization.

Contracting with Cal Fire to provide firefighting services is a reasonable alternative, but it is also a significant change in policy. I disagree with General Manager Jerry Gruber’s assertion that filling the fire chief’s position is a staffing issue over which he alone has authority. The result of not planning ahead and hiring a fire chief results in a significant change of direction for Cambria’s firefighting organization. This is a policy choice that should be publicly aired and thoughtfully considered by more than one individual. 

Delaying this important discussion to the end of a long meeting suggests the board was hoping to wait out its critics. Thanks to those who stayed and spoke on this critical issue. Thanks also to board member Amanda Rice for giving voice to other considerations of these changes, during the driest fire season in memory, and to Chief Miller for his service.

Christine Heinrichs