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Cambrian letters to the editor, Aug. 24, 2017

Linn’s float in the 2016 Pinedorado Parade featured, from left, Reese Tartalia, 11, Faith De La Cruz, 11 and Logan Hodges, 19, dressed as different characters from books.
Linn’s float in the 2016 Pinedorado Parade featured, from left, Reese Tartalia, 11, Faith De La Cruz, 11 and Logan Hodges, 19, dressed as different characters from books.

Looking forward to Pinedorado

The jewel of Cambria’s summer is upon us. Pinedorado is just around the corner, with a parade, bands, hot cars, great food, and fun for kids and adults alike.

This annual event is sponsored by Cambria’s Lions Club on the Pinedorado grounds next to the Vets Hall on Main Street. It begins with a fabulous parade Saturday, Sept. 2. The grounds open after the parade, with live music, our famous barbecue, hamburgers, corn on the cob, a raffle and much more. All the games and kiddie rides will be back.

Saturday and Sunday nights there will be very special evenings of music in the Vets Hall with Kiki Ebsen’s band. Tickets are available at the Chamber of Commerce office. Sunday’s exceptional car show returns with even more great cars than last year. And we close out Pinedorado on Monday with a special open-air concert, Cambria’s own Julie Beaver and her “bad dog band.” See more details and the event schedule at

All proceeds from Pinedorado go back into the community and sponsor many worthy projects, including scholarships, vision testing for our kids, Camp Reach for the Stars, and the annual Children’s Christmas Party. See everyone there.

Mike Broadhurst, Cambria Lions Club President

CCSD plays fast and loose with money

Great article re: CCSD EWS/SWS and CCSD library purchase (“Government grants aren’t helpful if you can’t afford the price,” Editor’s Notes, Aug. 17).

I am so tired of the Cambria Community Services District playing fast and loose with utility users’ money.

My husband and I have owned a second home in Cambria for eight years, and unlike most other second homeowners, I attend Cambria meetings and vote in San Luis Obispo County because I care about Cambria.

We intend to move full-time to Cambria when he retires Dec. 31. But because of CCSD’s constant shenanigans, we have been having second thoughts.

I understand that there is black mold and dry rot in the old library building. These deficits will be extremely expensive to correct, apart from any other cost for the library’s remodel to suit CCSD.

Cambria does not have enough, and never will, ratepayers to fulfill CCSD’s dreams of Utopia. It needs to get into the real world and stop fleecing residents.

Rita and Stephen Burton, Cambria

Trump picks hate groups over nation

I cannot understand, nor accept, that we can allow speech that’s meant to quash or eradicate the rights of other American citizens, or noncitizens, (regardless of faith, sexuality, gender, etc.) to go forward under the guise of free speech. The fact that a group can march with torches, wearing Nazi symbols, carrying rifles and shouting hate speech, threatens the very fabric of our democracy.

Was our president deaf to the repeated chant: “The Jews will not replace us! The Jews will not replace us!”? Many Americans died fighting Hitler and his philosophy. Groups that espouse taking away the rights of others cannot be tolerated.

I have yet to hear the president condemn these specific groups and their basic tenets of white supremacy. We are a multicultural, ethnically diverse country and richer because of it.

I am absolutely appalled and outraged, as all Americans should be, that President Trump can’t speak without a TelePrompTer to condemn the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists. He looked like a schoolboy being forced to read something he didn’t believe in, so he wouldn’t have to go sit in the corner. Where is his usual bombastic voice that condemns those who don’t call out Islamic extremists by name? Trump has a harsher tone when speaking about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

David Duke openly supports Trump and claims that these racist groups are Trump’s base. Trump does not disavow these groups, so obviously he acknowledges it. He chooses these hate groups, his base, over our country, our American values and the principles of democracy with liberty and justice for all. Make America Great by denouncing and eliminating hate.

Kathleen Conway, Cambria

Omaha Beach truly shows our ideals

I have often suggested to friends and acquaintances that if every American could take just one trip abroad, that trip should be to Normandy and, specifically, to the Omaha Beach Cemetery and Memorial.

No true patriot can visit these national shrines without remembering the profound sacrifice that the Greatest Generation made to preserve American ideals of freedom and tolerance in the face of the evil that was totalitarian fascism.

Today, violent punks among us seek to redefine America in the Nazi image emboldened by a president who cannot bring himself unequivocally to condemn neo-Nazi and other white supremacist extremism. What a sad testament to all the brave men and women interred at Omaha Beach and other veterans cemeteries in the U.S. and around the world.

Mark Rochefort, Cambria

Library purchase is disappointing

I am very disappointed at the news regarding the Cambria Community Services District property purchase (“Cambria services district offices will get a new home,” Aug. 3) at a time when the townspeople are so stretched financially.

I understand the joy in “buying,” but not at a time when we’re already confronted with continued rising costs to implement operation of the new water plant. And I really must ask: What good is a more visible office when you deny us citizens access during much of the normal work week?

The current site is very affordable, and I have heard no indication that rents are expected to increase. CCSD directors should be more concerned with our ever-increasing expenditures and less concerned with “pride in ownership.”

Directors, I would like to suggest that you do better by us and quit spending money as if you had an endless supply, or consider recusing yourselves from office.

Renee Rubin, Cambria

Dismayed at news of Plough’s sale

I just returned from vacation and was dismayed to read the news of the Pewter Plough Playhouse. A large part of what endeared me to this community was this unique theater!

I am in awe of what Rebecca Buckley attempted to do. We attended frequently and were treated to incredible talent. Most often the theatre was nearly empty. It was heartbreaking!

Yes, there is and will still be wonderful music available to us in this sweet town. However, I pray Cambria does not lose this jewel box of a theatre and the Harmony Café!

Giovanni Grillenzoni has created a wildly successful movie and buffet night. We hope the restaurant will also be preserved. And, of course, then we always know where we can go to listen to the legendary Charlie Shoemake!

Thank you, Rebecca, for your valiant efforts. Live your dream now, but know you will be sorely missed. I salute you! Godspeed!

Judy Skartvedt, Cambria