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Cambrian letters to the editor, March 16, 2017

Poetry readings at the Pewter Plough Playhouse earn kudos from a reader.
Poetry readings at the Pewter Plough Playhouse earn kudos from a reader.

Poetry reading doesn’t disappoint

“You are the sun and the moon.” Ms. Laure-Anne Bosselaar, a delightfully entertaining poet had us repeating that phrase in French as accompaniment to her poetic celebration of young love.

What a wonderful evening we spent at the Pewter Plough Playhouse for the third month of the free poetry series hosted by Mary Anne Anderson. Vivid images danced in our minds as emotions swept from harsh tragedy through inspiration, humor, serendipity and love.

The local readers were entertaining as well, each with their own slant on life and events.

If this is what a poetry reading is supposed be, let’s have more.

Randall Lyon, Cambria

CCSD should speak up on conservation

Again Cambria Community Services District never ceases to amaze — why wouldn’t you respond to our local news KSBY on March 2 doing a segment on water conservation in Cambria!

Seriously? You have nothing to say? All of the residents and business owners who have been conserving kudos to you, CCSD, thumbs down to you.

You guys really gotta get on board with this community; what is it going to take? How about meetings after noon?

Susan Kwasny, Cambria

Questions for Cambria CSD board, managers

These are a few queries directed to the Cambria Community Services District that this community would appreciate answers to in a timely manner:

Is oversight tantamount to the expectation of compliance by the agency doing the monitoring?

Is it OK for complacency when professional employees accept the responsibility of CSD management and are well-paid for that responsibility?

Are there any irregularities with regard to travel expenses of CSD board members attending out-of-town meetings, especially if no report is forthcoming as a result of those meetings?

Is it legal to financially penalize citizens for unused water to justify issuing building permits? Or is it to collect funds to pay for fines because of later reports or any other infractions committed by the management?

If the district does not understand the reporting requirements, are we paying wages for on-the-job-training? (That’s quite a learning curve.)

Is it possible that CSD decisions appear to exemplify the phrase “other people’s money”? Does that concept foster a reckless attitude toward the community’s financial investment?

When a problem emerges, is the solution to request/demand more money to abrogate that problem? Or just impose a raise in rates? Justification?

Could it be that when those in management are uneasy about their decisions, they reveal as little as possible to the public?

Citizen participation is not harassment — it is democracy in action. Please refer to the RWQCB EJ mandate as follows: “… promote meaningful public participation … and allow communities to be effective participants in board decision-making processes. HRTW Law.

Sept. 2012 AB 685 Water Code Section 106.3 “declares that every human being has a right to safe, clean, affordable and accessible water adequate for human consumption, cooking, and sanitary purposes.”

Human right to water is a core value, per the State Water Board.

Sylvia A. Hanna, Cambria

GOP health care plan is reckless alternative to ACA

If you don't believe there is a major class conflict dividing our nation, look no further than the Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

This reckless assault on the ACA risks the health coverage of millions of Americans while handing $465 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy, health insurance corporations and drug firms.

The GOP plan promotes health savings accounts for the affluent and encourages catastrophic insurance deductibles. To a majority of Americans saddled with debt, acquiring health savings accounts is an absurd impossibility, as is paying a very high deductible. To the many Americans who barely make a living wage, a health insurance tax deduction is a cruel joke.

The plan undermines Medicaid. It shifts the risks from insurance companies to the consumer. It ends health care subsidies and makes it harder for older Americans to afford coverage.

The GOP promise to expand coverage and control costs is, to put it bluntly, a lie. It is nothing more than a gift to the rich and a disaster for the rest of us.

Donald Archer, Cambria

Don’t stand in the way of a special prosecutor

It appears that some members of Congress, mostly Republicans, are poised to suppress any effort to appoint a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of Russian attempts to undermine American interests, and with the possible collusion of Donald Trump insiders.

If they do succeed in suppressing a full-on investigation of a matter of such ominous magnitude, putting party above country, those responsible will have abandoned all pretense to any pride they may once have taken in their American citizenship.

Richard Strasburg, Morro Bay

Trump is keeping promises made during campaign

Trump cannot be trusted. We all know that politicians say one things when they are seeking office and don’t do any of them once they are elected. We depend on them to lie.

Trump is doing what he said he would do if elected. No wonder the Democrats and many Republicans are incensed.

Of all the 44 previous presidents, we have had only one had the sobriquet of “honest.”

He also was a Republican.

Lloyd Lambert, Cayucos