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Cambrian letters to the editor, Jan. 12, 2017

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Holiday cards sent to members of armed services

Thank you, Cambrians! Your generous contributions to the Legion Post 432 Troop Support Services program allowed us to send holiday gift cards to all the active duty service members from the local area.

We have 27 local men and women we support, and your donations have made a difference to them as they serve our country away from home. Thanks again to all those who gave generously. Happy holidays to all of you!

Dave Pierson, Cambria

Coimbra column makes an impact

I really enjoy Charmaine Coimbra’s column about volunteering. She always has something interesting to say and provides useful information.

Linda Poppenheimer, Cambria

Trump doesn’t understand the art of compromise

Donald Trump will very soon find that he prefers business to politics and especially to governing and government.

Please, my friends, the next time a nonpolitician (businessman, scientist, academic, artist) decides that he/she wants to be president, do not consider this to be a positive attribute. Politics (at least the democratic kind) exists on compromise, and government exists on compromise, trying to meld the varying opinions of politicians and populace. Trump is not accustomed to compromise; he has reminded us that he is a “leader” and when he says something his people do it. But he fails to consider that as a businessman he can practically dictate orders to his employees.

He will find it very frustrating that he cannot just do what he wants and push people around. Even Congress, arguably with a majority of his own party, will assert its own power. We the people will not kowtow as easily as he imagines.

Let’s hope that he tires very quickly of governing, turns tail and goes back to his gold-plated home (both literally and figuratively) in Trump Tower and leaves government to, yes, politicians who have (mostly) passed the democracy test.

Mike Lyons, Cambria

Trump’s antics pale beside McCarthy

Thoughts-at-a-distance, after the first horror:

Taken at the flood, Donald Trump is a model for senior citizens: At an age when geezer-dom is the norm, he launched a start-up and succeeded in it, ignoring the models and creating his own formulas as he went — lying, bragging, bullying, denigrating, appealing to the lowest morality. It worked. It worked in his businesses and personal life, and now in his political career.

Some of the damage his campaign did is already being repaired: We’re openly saying that “alt-right” is KKK without hoods; “social media” is a sewer swarming with virulent bacteria; someone has to be a gatekeeper in the flow of information. Putting the practical lid on the idealist “everyone has a voice” brings us back to Oliver Wendell Holmes’ “fire in a crowded theater” limit on free speech.

Also, Donald Trump is not the worst I’ve encountered and survived. That would be Joe McCarthy and his red-baiting era of suspicion, fear, denunciation — and few dared challenge him.

Compared to a felon like McCarthy, Trump & Co. are pickpockets.

Marvin Sosna, Morro Bay