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Cambria youth music recital set for April 19 at church

Cambria Youth Music Fund scholarship students will perform in a recital at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 19, at Community Presbyterian Church, 2250 Yorkshire Drive.

Admission is $5 at the door, with students 18 and younger admitted free. A reception will follow the performance.

The recital will showcase the talents of the following students:

  • Voice — Katrina Cleave, Karina Ochoa, Lindy Ortiz and Tiffany Stephens.
  • Piano — Nic Barth, Gabriella Espinoza, Damian Fernandez, Sequoia Friedman, Andy Garcia, Ethan Hoffman, Lily Hoffman, Karis Lawson, Carlos Plummer, Isabella Quintero, Alan Romo, Iyari Romo, Fernando Sepulveda, Eithne Walters and Henry Wright.
  • Violin — Kyle Plummer.
  • Drums — Lalo Garcia.
  • Guitar — Geo Espinoza, Sage Friedman, Alexis Mireles, Roberto Quintero and Viza Romo.

Emily Fitzgerald will present the Jim Fitzgerald Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music.

Teachers involved in the program include Ruth Fleming (voice); Valerie Tacker, Emily Fitzgerald and Kate Hepworth (piano); Jim Chalifoux (guitar, drums); and Don Charles (violin). 

The scholarship fund is made possible by the sponsorship of the Cambria Chorale, the support of the Cambria Lions Club and private donations.