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Cambria's 927 Art Show draws array of offbeat works

Visitors check out the entries in the 27th annual 927 Art Show at the Cambria Veterans Memorial Building.
Visitors check out the entries in the 27th annual 927 Art Show at the Cambria Veterans Memorial Building.

The 927 Art Show drew the usual — that is to say, unusual — array of entries, except this year’s crop was even more distinctive (and distinguished) than in years past, organizer Tish Rogers said.

It was the 27th year for the weekend show at the Cambria Veterans Memorial Building, which features art that might be described as offbeat, down-to-earth or, in some cases, downright weird.

Rogers said Saturday night’s thunderstorm and a craft show in the Veterans Memorial Building parking lot may have helped keep attendance lower than in previous years.

But she added that those who did attend the show saw a better class of entry than might have been displayed before.

“The quality of work was exceptional compared with previous years,” Rogers said. “Some of it could have been shown in regular art shows. It was that impressive.”

Art pieces were judged in three categories: “Sensible Sanity” (politically and environmentally-themed works), “Outrageous Hilarity,” “Beastly Belligerence” (works with animal-related themes) and “Peculiar Sensitivities.”

Rogers herself took second place in the Sensible Sanity class, and show founder Art Van Rhyn — also The Cambrian’s Opinion Page cartoonist — took top honors in the Outrageous Hilarity division. 

Winners in the Sensible Sanity category were as follows:

  1. Meki Heussen for “Drought Tolerant.”
  2. Tish Rogers for “Pity the Poor Pelican, His Feathers Hold More Petroleum Than His Belly Can.”
  3. Ronn Harsh for “Earth’s Oceans and the Math of Climate Change.”
  4. Carol Flash for “Head Underwater.”
  1. Art Van Rhyn for “Cambria Christmas Tree with Balls.”
  2. Sharon Westray for “Caged Bird.”
  3. John Shankle for “Hearst Fly-By.”
  4. Susan Owen for “Heather — Tantrum at the Prom.”
  1. Nancy Vest for “Dissociative Identity.”
  2. Jeanette Wolff for “Hang in There.”
  3. Fox Garney for “Tortured and Burnt Torso.”
  4. Jerry Demorest for “Keep an Eye Out for Me.”
  1. Shelley Paton for “Blue Footed Boobie.”
  2. Laura Mennella for “Love Bird.”
  3. Joseph Kourakis for “Reptile Dysfunction.”
  4. Kathleen Van Hyfte for “Cattle Dogs.”