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SLO County to consider Verizon wireless facility in Cambria

The Cambria sign at the south end of town along Highway 1.
The Cambria sign at the south end of town along Highway 1.

On Friday, Aug. 5, a San Luis Obispo County Planning Department hearing officer will consider a Verizon application to put an unmanned wireless communication facility, a taller utility pole and related equipment in the county right-of-way in front of 2025 Oxford Ave., midway between Emmons Road and Kerwin Street, in Cambria.

Verizon is requesting permission to install one 4-foot-tall cylindrical antenna on a new 43-foot utility pole (replacing one that’s 34 feet 7 inches tall), two equipment boxes about 1.5-feet square mounted at the 12-foot point on the replacement pole, two ground-mounted equipment cabinets (50 inches and 39 inches in height) within a 5-foot-tall wood-fenced enclosure of 4 by 7 feet at the base of the new pole, and associated utilities and mounting hardware.

At the hearing, the officer also will consider a San Luis Obispo Council of Governments request to construct a new gateway monument sign about 650 feet south of the Moonstone Beach Drive exit on the west side of Highway 1. The project would be viewed by those traveling southbound.

The hearing begins at 9 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors Chambers, County Government Center, Room D170, 1055 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo.