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Three deer die after being trapped at Cambria treatment pond

Three deer have been euthanized after getting trapped in a treatment pond at Cambria’s wastewater treatment plant, according to state Fish and Wildlife officials. 

In the most recent incident, according to Todd Tognazzini, Fish and Wildlife lieutenant, the larger fawn had two broken legs. 

“I sent one of my officers to investigate,” Tognazzini wrote in an Oct. 7 email interview. The warden “determined that this was the third deer that had to be put down due to them falling into the steep-sided pond over the past several months.”

Tognazzini said the Cambria Community Services District facility is fenced, but “several holes” in the fencing allowed deer to enter the fenced-in area. 

Warden Anderson met Oct. 5 to discuss fence maintenance with district General Manager Jerry Gruber. “Immediate efforts have reportedly been made to repair the fencing to prevent the problem from happening again. The wardens were to have verified those repairs soon thereafter.