The Cambrian

San Simeon water sharing to be limited

Soon, Cambrians will be able to get nonpotable, recycled water from the San Simeon Community Services District (SSCSD), but uses for that highly treated waste water are strictly regulated, as is who will be able to get the water.

At press deadline, details still were being finalized, but according to district staff from Grace Environmental Services, state regulators have given the tiny San Simeon district permission to share the treated water with their drought-dry neighbors to the south. 

The expected cost for use outside SSCSD boundaries is 2 cents per gallon.

District staffers expect to host an informational meeting soon, but no date has been set. 

They said the recycled water is filtered and disinfected “to the highest quality, per state standards, for ‘unrestricted Title 22 uses.’ ”

Strict rules are in place for getting and using the treated water. A staff member must be present to assist with transferring the water from the district’s system to the recipient’s holding/transporting tank. 

For now, the treated water can only be used for specific kinds of landscape irrigation, firefighting, construction dust control and cement mixing (but not if the cement is to be used for potable water containment) in decorative fountains (but a recycled water sign must be posted in front of the fixture).

With the district’s small staff and facilities, individuals won’t be able to line up and get the water themselves, as they currently are doing from the Clyde Warren ranch on San Simeon Creek Road.

Only trained distributors will be able to get the recycled water from San Simeon’s system. 

Some area landscapers and gardeners who have taken special training to safely handle the water already are considered to be distributors. A list of those distributors is online.