The Cambrian

San Luis Obispo County takes down some election signs in Cambria

A public works inspector removed campaign signs from county right-of-way areas along several roads in Cambria on Friday, Oct. 17. 

The action sparked some accusations that opposing camps had taken the endorsement signs.

Frank Honeycutt, the agency’s development services division manager, confirmed the county’s action.

The Land Use Ordinance that directs the removal notes that “political signs attached or placed adjacent to any utility pole, parking meter, traffic sign post, traffic signal, official traffic-control device or within the right-of-way are prohibited. 

Signs placed in these locations will be removed immediately by county employees.”

Honeycutt wrote in an email reply to The Cambrian’s questions, “We face this issue with signage in every election cycle, although it does not always occur in every community every time. Some races and some issues are more hotly contested than others.”

He said the department encourages voluntary compliance and this year sent three notices to all the candidates on file in the county Clerk-Recorder’s Office, even though some of them hadn’t violated the ordinance.

The final notice, sent Oct. 3, warned that starting the following Monday, any signs remaining in the road right of way would be removed.

When feasible, the inspector gave one of Honeycutt’s business cards to people who questioned the action.  

Honeycutt said owners of the signs may pick them up at the county road yard on Kansas Avenue. 

The relevant sign ordinance is in Title 22 of the county code on Page 3-179, on the county's website