The Cambrian

Cambrians double down on Gov. Brown’s water-saving target

Faced with the possibility of running out of water, Cambrians have reduced their water use by 31 percent in the first six months of the year — with the monthly savings rate exceeding 40 percent since April, according to water production statistics kept by the Cambria Community Services District.

That’s well in excess of the 20 percent target that Gov. Jerry Brown set in mid-January when he declared a statewide drought emergency and urged “all Californians to conserve water in every way possible.”

Cambrians’ water use actually increased in January — up 13 percent from the year-earlier period. But they began saving in February, bucking a trend statewide.

Residential and business water use statewide rose 1 percent in May, compared with a three-year average of the same month from 2011 to 2013, according to a survey of 276 water agencies covering about two-thirds of urban water users, The Sacramento Bee reported.

And a June state Water Resources Control Board report said that, since the governor’s declaration, there had been zero change in water use in the state’s Central Coast region, which runs approximately from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz.

Here’s a month-by-month look at water production from the Cambria CSD’s wells (about equivalent to use by its customers). An acre-foot is enough water to serve about four families a year in an average year in Cambria, assuming 2.2 people per occupied home, district officials have said.

  • January: 57.62 acre-feet, up 13 percent from 51.09 acre-feet in 2013.
  • February: 38.82 acre-feet, down 18 percent from 47.40 acre-feet in 2013.
  • March: 34.90 acre-feet, down 36 percent from 54.72 acre-feet in 2013.
  • April: 35.04 acre-feet, down 41 percent from 59.54 acre-feet in 2013.
  • May: 38.27 acre-feet, down 44 percent from 68.45 acre-feet in 2013.
  • June: 41.02 acre-feet, down 44 percent from 73.58 acre-feet in 2013.