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How'd you do on your water bill?

A water faucet.
A water faucet.

Bimonthly water and sewer bills were mailed by Cambria Community Services District on Monday, May 12, for the first time since surcharges went into effect March 1 as part of the district’s Stage 3 water use restrictions. Water use exceeding four units per billing period (about 50 gallons per day) per resident will be charged at 500 percent of the normal rate for residential accounts. Businesses were restricted to 80 percent of what they averaged in prior years (on May 1, that changed to 80 percent of usage in the same month averaged over the past three years) and face the same 500 percent penalty for overuse.

We’re sure reactions on opening the bills ran the gamut, from pleasant surprise to horrified shock. Others may have read their meter during the month and already knew how they were going to come out.

We want to hear from readers how they did so we can share stories of success — and disaster — with our readers, the better to be prepared for the next time bills go out. Second violations for overuse, after all, will be charged at 1,000 percent, 10 times the normal billing rate. The third time around, it’s also a 1,000 percent charge — and service can be cut off.

So, we’d like to know what went right. And wrong. Email us at cambrian@thetribune, or call 927-8896.

Thanks for sharing your stories, so we all can learn from your experiences.