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Dogs set for first leg of new park plans

Cambria parks commissioners unanimously approved on Tuesday, Dec. 3, taking an $8,400 step toward eventually putting community park facilities on about five acres of Fiscalini Ranch Preserve’s East Ranch portion, off Rodeo Grounds Road. The park would be southeast of the Old Grammar School, on the south side of Santa Rosa Creek, and snuggle up to the hillside that leads to Pine Court and Piney Way on its south side.

The proposal presented by David Foote of Firma Landscape Architects in San Luis Obispo includes preliminary engineering and other studies used to estimate basic costs for creating a community park according to the concept approved by county supervisors in 2009, but which now must meet current requirements.

One of the most stringent of those are state “stormwater restrictions about the quality of water leaving your property and how much” of it there is, Foote told commissioners and a dozen or so attendees.

Those restrictions could require an elaborate system of collection pipes under the park, playfield, picnic grove, playground and single soccer field, along with reinforcing a natural bioswale to divert water from Santa Rosa Creek. The swale could allow natural elements more time and distance in which to filter out contaminants.

The Firma work scope under this first-phase contract includes calculating a preliminary cost to construct the park, determining what infrastructure would minimize drainage impacts from storm-water runoff and figuring out how much earth must be moved and dirt added to the park area to create the proper contours.

Firma also would help determine the best location in the community park for Cambria’s popular dog park, which would move from its present location at Main Street near Santa Rosa Creek Road.

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