The Cambrian

Cambria Library set to close Wednesday for move

It’s hard to put a big red ribbon around a library building for Christmas, but Friends of the Cambria Library and area readers might be tempted to do just that.

The busy library branch will close from Thanksgiving to Christmas so the facility move — lock, stock and bookshelves — into its new, larger building at 1043 Main St.

The present library at 900 Main St. closes at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27, and is due to reopen at the new, 5,300-square-foot site on Thursday, Dec. 26.

Books checked out now through closing day will be due back after the library reopens, and no book donations can be accepted during the month-long closure.

Experts and volunteers from the Rotary and Odd Fellows groups will pack the entire collection, probably on Dec. 2 and 3. Plans call for books, tapes, videos, furnishings, shelving and other materials to move up the street the week of Dec. 8. Then the painstaking job of reshelving begins.

The Friends shared the overall cost of about $4 million 50-50 with the county. In 2009, the county purchased the new building, but the library group had to raise $1.4 million to cover its remaining share of the deal.

The Cambria library branch is one of the county’s most heavily used libraries per capita. It has survived for nearly 30 years in increasingly cramped quarters with difficult parking accommodations.

The new site allows more than double the space of the existing library, and will provide more parking, improved computer access and larger areas for children, teens and adults.