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Cambria branch of Bank of America to close Friday

Cambria’s Bank of America branch will close as of 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 16.

Current bank accounts remain active, but customers will have to go to other branches for service and to get questions answered. Customers with safety deposit boxes have had to move the contents to other branches or other banks.

More customers are using ATM services and banking online, bank officials say, and they’ve pledged that the Cambria ATM still will be available.

However, some longtime customers question what will happen if the automated machinery runs out of money, breaks down or jams, as has happened to them in the past.

Vivian Raives has been a Bank of America customer in Cambria for about 18 years, and in the Los Angeles area for another couple of decades before that.

Faced with the closure of the Cambria branch, she said, “I’m disappointed of course,” and concerned that what had happened to her the previous week — finding the ATM was out of cash — will happen again, and nobody will be there to help.

Fortunately, on Nov. 8, the ATM returned her card to her, and she was able to go inside the bank to get her money. But that personal-service option won’t be available any more, at least not in downtown Cambria.

In case of problems, bank officials recommend calling (805) 528-9410 or the toll-free number on the ATM.

Cambria Historical Society records on the town’s banking history show that the 18-year-old Bank of Cambria opened on Oct. 6, 1928, in a new brick structure at the corner of Bridge and Main Streets. That bank closed on Feb. 16, 1933. The bank’s assets and property were later acquired by the Bank of Italy, now known as the Bank of America.

The new bank building, built in 1979, was up for auction Oct. 16, but results are confidential, according to real estate representatives for the bank.