The Cambrian

Directors consider easing moratorium

Should — or can — Cambria Community Services District directors authorize handing out “a few” intent-to-serve letters each year while the district is still operating under a water-shortage emergency and its virtual moratorium on issuing new connections?

That’s to be a front-and-center topic at the monthly meeting at 12:30 p.m. today, Sept. 27, in the Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main St.

Board members have said in the past that the town needs the economic stimulus of the new construction of homes. Also, the district needs the income from connection fees, which are likely to rise dramatically, whether or not the district’s stimulus plan goes through.

Other items on the board’s agenda include: changes to district’s voluntary lot-retirement program; a new employment agreement with General Manager Jerry Gruber, who is also co-functioning now with Fire Chief Mark Miller as general manager for the Cambria Community Healthcare District; approving revised fee schedules for various services and facilities (but not utility rates or those connection fees); an agreement that would allow others (including, perhaps, participants in the upcoming Scarecrow Festival) to place approved banners or decorations on Main Street lamp posts; and assigning 28 commercial waitlist positions to Michael Campo for 2075 Main St., an action that should have been requested before his escrow closed.