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Cambria Center for The Arts Gallery: ‘Body Language’

L eslie Hannon, Mike Hannon and Evany Zirul, all members of Allied Arts

Association of Cambria, explore meaning and expression through gesture in traditional and non-traditional materials in “Body Language,” an exhibit at the Cambria Center for the Arts Gallery through Sept. 30.

Leslie Hannon presents a series of works on paper incorporating color and line to build a mysterious mood from which her pale figures emerge to command attention. The poses are unusual and dramatic, with use of foreshortened views to accentuate the drama, as in “Gordian Knot,” far right center. The unusual angle on a contorted pose evokes tension and internal struggle.

In this show, Mike Hannon presents life-sized and larger-than-life figures in mixed media of newsprint and duct tape on armatures. The figures, making sweeping gestures even as they are precariously balanced in the midst of a leap, pirouette or athletic feat, are full of life, charm and humor. The temporary nature of the materials are transformed into solid, strong images, as in “Page One,” top center.

Zirul, used to creating realistic cast bronze figures, unveils a totally new media and technique for this show. The solid cast bronze has morphed into almost transparent works of welded steel wire. You see them and you see through them. At the same time she has retained a strong suggestion of the actual physical shapes of body structure and a toungue-in-cheek attitude, as in “Yellow Girl,” above right.

In addition to the works of the featured artists, works by other members of Allied Arts are also on display. The gallery is open from 1 to 5 p.m. Fridays and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays at 1350 Main St., Cambria. For more, call 927-8190 or go to www.artistsof

— Lucie Ryan, gallery director