The Cambrian

‘Stimulus plan’ on CCSD agenda

Cambria Community Services District directors will confront several employee- related issues at their meeting Thursday, Sept. 27, along with items that range from finding a way to issue “a few” intent-to- serve letters while the moratorium’s still in place to letting people decorate or put banners on Main Street light posts.

Directors could approve: Changes to its voluntary lot-retirement program; a new employment agreement with General Manager Jerry Gruber, who is also co-functioning now with Fire Chief Mark Miller as general manager for the Cambria Community Healthcare District; agreements with management “confidential” employees, members of the Service Employees International Union; and details on how the district will be subject to the Public Employees Medical and Hospital Care Act.

Directors also could approve a letter supporting the repeal of a new state fire fee that would cost Cambrians $115 per year (because they pay taxes for local fire-department coverage) and others $150 annually.

The district is also set to honor Denis de Clercq, who is formally retiring from the Cambria Fire Department after having served for that department or Cal Fire/CDF as assistant fire chief, lieutenant, training officer, engineer and firefighter, sometimes on a volunteer basis, for more than three decades.

The meeting begins at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27 at the Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main St. —Kathe Tanner